Of sisters and brothers…

The Raksha Bandhan story…

How exactly it all started is lost in the shrouds of time. However, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as it more colloquially called is a festival that celebrates the precious bond between brothers and sisters. A bond that is enshrined within the epics (Krishna and Draupadi, Sachi and King Bali, Yama and Yamuna), as well as in the history of our country.

Queen Karnavati of Chittor is said to have sent the Mughal emperor Humayun a rakhi, requesting his protection when marauder Bahadur Shah attacked her kingdom. Humayun, then in the middle of a military campaign, chose to abandon it, and turned instead towards Chittor, in recognition of this sacred bond. While he could not reach in time to save the queen’s life, he restored the kingdom to her son, Vikramjit.

How do you plan to
celebrate Rakhi?

Sweets, specially prepared treats, and an aarti thaali (tilak), are what most sisters greet their brothers with before they tie the rakhi on their brother’s wrist. The brother, in turn, vow to be there for their sisters in all times, good or bad, and often give them a gift on the occasion.

What do you plan to wear?

Dressing up for Raksha Bandhan is every sister’s prerogative! May we make some really beautiful suggestions from our all-new range of Raksha Bandhan Sale?

Bright and

Grey Cotton Striped Straight Pocket Kurta

This smart combination of stripes and patterns creates an extremely attractive ensemble and the red trim with matching red shoes complete the look — Modern yet rooted in tradition!

Festive and

Pink Rayon Printed Kurta With Grey Trouser

Rusty orange with a white print that mutes the boldness of the colour and makes it oh-so-sophisticated. Yet keeps it feminine and charming! Just right for a little sister!

Didiyon ki

Red Rayon Embroidered Yoke Design Kurta

Elder sisters are the siblings younger brothers look up to and this is a look that matches all that a modern and progressive ‘Didi’ would want her ‘Bhaiyya’ to see in her. Contemporary and individualistic.

My sister

Pink Cotton Block Printed Straight Kurta With Palazzos

This ultra-feminine, chic floral print uses traditional block print patterns to create a soft and graceful silhouette that enchants. Bells and ties that can be fashioned into dainty bows add a touch of charm.


Blue Cotton Printed Straight Kurta with Cotton Printed Trouser

Butter-soft colours, floral patterns, and a graceful, flowing silhouette, can an outfit be more becoming. Sisters everywhere would love to dress up for their brothers in this sweet sixteen ensemble.

Enjoy this time with your brother! Laughter, happiness and best wishes to you both. We wish you years of love, caring and togetherness! Happy Rakhi!

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