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Of Lights and Sound

Have a safe and peaceful Diwali!

How do you plan to celebrate Diwali this year? Do you plan to celebrate with crackers or without? Which lights are you using? Here are some tips to make it a safe and happy festival for you and your loved ones!

Clay diyas are the best!

Using sesame oil or ghee in your clay diyas is best for both you and the environment. Paraffin candles and waxes release toxins and they are not the best option for lighting up your home. Banish those tea candles and go in for the time-tested diyas with cotton wicks, this Diwali. They look so romantic and so captivating. Nothing like the real thing.

Are crackers driving you crackers?

Isn’t it possible to say no to crackers? Keep your children safe with green crackers and try and avoid crackers that release allergens into the air you breathe. Also, do keep your pets safe and away from the noise — their sense of hearing is far more acute than ours and that’s why they get so disturbed. 

Take care when lighting diyas!

A few festival must-haves!

Looks that are stunning, contemporary and in keeping with the festive mood of the moment….

Rich and majestic!

Royal turquoise in an elegant pantsuit set. Look like this and you can take on the world! Match with gold accessories for sheer glam!

Sunshine Yellow steals the show!

The weather is cooler and days are greyer… brighten them up with the bright zing of this lemony-citrusy ensemble! Delicate lace edging adds charm.

Regal Charmer

Purple looks so royal, little wonder that only emperors and empresses were allowed to wear it! Go on, look like the empress you know you are and feel the pleasure in playing at being an aristocratic lady from an era gone by.

Just that one shade of Grey!

Grey is the alter ego of silver… they merge into one another effortlessly. Just as easily you slip into the quiet elegance of this outfit. Yellow adds that counterpoint and makes the ensemble come alive. 

Have a lovely time in the days ahead. It’s time to make merry and indulge yourself. Enjoy and look, feel and be your best!

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