May Sweet be your Diwali!

It’s that time of the year when diets and resolutions are flung out…. and all temptations are given in to! We present some truly yummy sweet fixes.. which, surprisingly, are great for you too!

Amaranth Halwa, yessss!

Try out unusual sweets this Diwali! This fabulous Amaranth Halva is rich, indulgent and very, very good for you! Packed with almond flakes and pumpkin seeds and superfood amaranth, it’s the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth!

Traditional Rice Kheer, with a twist!

Classic never die! This traditional kheer made with milk, jaggery and brown rice is a bit of a twist on the older version. Enjoy!

High Tea, indeed!

A wholesome wholewheat carrot cake rich in nuts and replete with all the good things in life is the perfect accompaniment to festive afternoons and evenings. Chai, anyone?

Tempations Galore!

Indulging your sweet tooth is all very well but a festival is the season for all kinds of self love. From renewing home decor to giving your personal wardrobe a spiffy makeover, it’s the right time when you can succumb to all blandishments and feel good about doing so! Here’s a set of suggestions for a festive look makeover that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Madmoiselle who breaks hearts!

Can anyone resist the charms of this dress, swirling with mischief and possibilities? Look cool and stay ahead of the pack! 

Lady in Red and White!

This traditional festive colour combination gets turned on its head! Dress up and look not just deliciously appealing but also stand out from the rest! 

Green is my valley!

Announce boldly that you’re earth-friendly and a lover of all that’s green in this green embroidered outfit. Simple and chic, beyond all doubt. 

Black Never goes out of Style!

Black, white and red…. can anything be more classic or more timeless? Look like the beauty you are…. a lady who is used to wrapping fans around her little finger with a mere smile. Enchantment in person. 

Leading up to Diwali are nights and nights of revelry, and parties where each lady seeks to look her best. Join the gang, yet look a touch apart!

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