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The Shefali flower, also called Parijat or Harshingar is one of the most beautiful flowers in nature’s bouquet. Its delicate fragrance spreads through the night and reminds us that even the darkest nights have something to look forward to and to learn from. The divine mother, Durga ma, is especially fond of these flowers and it is extremely auspicious to offer them to her 

Few know that this wonderful flower is also used in natural dyes… it dyes fabric a pale yellow and is prized for this as much as for its beauty.

Here’s a fun activity…

How to use flowers to tie-dye fabric

Natural fibers take color better than synthetic fibers. Silk or wool dye better than cotton. In this tutorial, I used cotton flour-sack towels.

Before you begin, it’s better if you wash the fabric first. This will help remove any residual chemicals or dirt from the fabric and help it absorb the dye better. You can also use a fabric fixative. Make a fixative by mixing 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar prior to dyeing.

Any type of flower will stain the fabric during steaming. Try a combination of petals and leaves. Flowers that are already dried will work as well.


  • A piece of natural-fiber fabric (cotton, silk or wool)
  • Fresh or dried flowers (parijat flowers, rose petals, hibiscus, goldenrod, pansies)
  • Rubber bands
  • Large pot with a steamer rack


Step 1

Lay the fabric flat. Sprinkle the flowers and/or leaves all over the fabric. You can leave more or less space if you want. Fold the fabric over the petals. Do a section at a time to make sure that you are getting a layer of petals in each fold.


Bind the ends with rubber bands. Add a rubber band in the middle to secure the bundle

Step 2

Set the flower bundles on a steamer rack in a pot of water. Place on a burner and set to a low heat. Let the bundles steam for about an hour. Periodically check to make sure the pot has an ample amount of water.


After an hour, turn off the heat and allow the bundles to cool. Once cooled, remove the bundles and unroll. Remove the flowers. Don’t get too excited at this point. The colors look vivid right now, but they will dry lighter. 


Give the fabric a quick rinse in cool water. Hang to dry. The colors will dry significantly lighter.

Use these eco-dyed fabrics for decorative purposes. If you want the colors these cotton cloths make excellent liners for bread baskets or as a small tablecloth. Try experimenting with other types of plant materials and with silk or wool. to be more permanent, you will need to fix them.

The Beauty of Colour

Colour impacts each moment of our lives… It can cheer us up. It can make us feel confident. It can make us come alive. Colour can change a dull day into a kaleidoscope of brightness. Enjoy the wonderful effect of color in your wardrobe…here are some vibrant and festive ensembles to make your days bright and filled with sunshine!

Check out the flowers!

A funky combination that has smart checks with flowers breaking the monotony. An abstract with natural touches. Look like a nymph just out of the forest glens… !!!

La Vie En Rose!

Dusky, rich and deep — Rose is a color that goes so well with Indian skins. Vivid and vibrant, this is akin to a painting of a meadow with wild blooms all over! Feel like the flower child you are!

Say it with Flowers!

Winter blossoms are everywhere! And it’s only right that your ensemble celebrates them! To experience their heady scent as well, use a delicate floral perfume that makes the print of your dress so real!

Wrap a Garden around You

 Wear flowers not just in your hair but surround yourself with them… This lovely floral print can make an autumn day suddenly seem so full of life.

Flowers have a language that’s all their own for they speak directly to the heart. Feel their beauty in your wardrobe.

Please note: The fun dyeing activity and relevant images are courtesy: She Knows

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