Nine nights of Revelry…

Dance each Navratri night away doing the Garba! 

The Navratri tradition varies from state to state across India but nowhere is it more musical and celebratory than Gujarat, the land of the Garba. The beat of the dholak and the click of the dandiyas turns every young lass into a dancer and her feet into twinkletoes. Here are some tips on how to make the most of these fleeting nights and days! 

1.Bollywood Garba Hits

Get out those dandiyas and start pirouetting on these numbers… Google some of the most popular Bollywood hits that grace each dandiya raas night. Get your hands and toes in sync! 123, start! Practice makes perfect, remember!

2.Fasting or Feasting!

Navratri is also the time when we look at our diet…. in North India, especially, fasting is de rigueur. However, instead of treating it like an imposition, welcome the change to treat your body to a lighter and more nutritious diet… all the fruits you can lay your hands on, different kinds of fruit juice, tender coconut, and chaat with boiled potato and fruits, potato peanut combinations that are yummy and nutritious too. It’s both fasting and feasting, all at once. Watch your skin glow after the fruit treatment!

3.Foot massages!

It’s also time to get pampered! All that dancing the night away needs some serious foot love. So go on, get a foot rub, an acupressure treatment, just a simple ‘tel maalish’! Your aching feet will bless you for it!

Naya Din, Nayi Raat!

Above all, you’ll want to dress to the nines and look like you are to the manor born. Here’s how:

Wear a different outfit each night and be the belle of the ball. Here are some fabulous suggestions to have yourself a Navratri to remember!

Burgundy Swirl!

Swishing and swirling skirts can be mesmerizing! Jhoom macha do, dhoom phaila do! Each pirouette will set heads turning!

Midnight Mystery!

Svelte and elegant, black can never fail to hypnotize. The magic of the night… and the slender silhouette that spells grace and elegance.

Gypsy Rose!

Red-blooded, open-minded and bold! Senorita enchants us all with her dark eyes and confidence!

Miss Demure and Delicate!

Sweet and lovely, green and shy. This damsel allures with her out-of-this-world air and graceful mien.

Shocking Pink Stunner!

Hot pink can’t ever go wrong. Electric and compelling, she starts foot tapping with the rhythm and all others follow suit.

Aquamarine Elegance!

Sea and sky swirl together in this flared and gathered kurta that’s just waiting to go on to the dance floor.

Apricot Blush!

All sweetness and dewy charm, this sweet miss is set to be the cynosure of all eyes with her grace and a delicate smile.

Sunshine and Smiles!

Where a million watts blaze, can sunflowers but follow? Ms. Buttercup just has to lead and her admirers will queue up to be allowed just one dance!

Ms. Peach and Roses!

Dusky pink and delicate peach have an appeal that can never fade. A full sharara skirt is just made for dancing the night away!

Stolen looks, sigh, and secret trysts. Navratri is a time of enchantment and while time bears witness, youth must frolic. Enjoy! Happy Navratri! 

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