Winter Beauty Tips


The reason for dry skin in winter is a lack of moisture within the deeper layers of the skin. While many oily-skinned women may feel the respite of not having to blot out the oil on the face through the day, dry skin can feel stretched and uncomfortable.

Choose a gentler skin regimen in winter, starting with a gentle face wash instead of a harsh oil-clearing one. You can even opt for a hydrating cleanser if you tend to have naturally dry skin through the year.

Micellar water or cleansing milk are also good options. Simply run these onto the face with a cotton pad and watch the dirt come off. As with any other season, always make sure to go to bed with clean skin to help the natural regeneration process work even better. Moisturising is essential in winter, no matter what your skin type is. The safest bet is to go for an oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturiser that will let your pores breathe while hydrating the deep layers of the skin. Look for ingredients like vitamin C, niaciamide (vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid that will all help to plump up your skin from within.

Don’t forget to moisturise your body too. This is best done right after a shower while your skin is still damp. Massage body lotion well into your skin, and slather on your favourite cold-pressed oil to really lock in the moisture.

Use a homemade mask once a week to add brightness to your skin. A mix of curd with honey and rosewater will gently refresh and moisturise your skin while also reducing inflammation. if buying a readymade mask, avoid clay or mud masks in winter as these ingredients draw out the oil from your skin, whereas in winter the skin’s natural oils are needed to maintain the skin barrier.

Exfoliation is key to revealing fresh skin cells, and is a must even in winter. Scrubs with large beads can be harsh, especially on sensitive or acne-prone skin. A chemical exfoliant on the other hand is a gentle and effective way to clear away dead skin cells. AHA and BHA masks can simply be kept on the skin for the stipulated time and then washed off. Even gentler versions of chemical exfoliants are ‘sleeping masks’ which are applied to the skin like a gel and work overnight to repair and exfoliate your skin while you get your beauty sleep.

Make sure to use a lip balm throughout the day to maintain moisturised and plump lips. Also avoid biting, licking or picking on dry skin on your lips, which will only increase dryness.


Hot oil massages are a must in winter. Any sort of massage promotes blood flow to the area, and in winter it comes with the added benefit of avoiding dandruff buildup on the scalp as well. You can massage you hair and scalp with a store-bought hair oil, an artisanal cold-pressed oil like coconut or apricot kernel, or even ghee.

Hair masks are also beneficial in winter. Invest in a good store-bought hair mask to use after you shampoo, or cook one up in your kitchen using curd, honey and a few drops of almond oil, or egg with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Mix all the ingredients together and keep it on your hair until it has dried, about 15-20 minutes, until you wash it off.

Nourish your body

Make sure you have extra doses of good fats in winter: olive oil, sesame oil, ghee, butter and an omega-3 supplement to keep you nourished from within. And of course, don’t forget to drink the ultimate beauty elixir: water.

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