A Diwali to Remember

2020 has been a year unlike any other, but that’s no reason for Diwali to be any less than perfect. Creating a memorable Diwali is easy with Libas, where we offer you beautiful, timeless clothing styles to match your own personality.

Follow our guide for a wonderful, safe and happy Diwali.

In India, the age-old way of decorating our homes with flowers and lights remains a timeless hit. This Diwali, add colour to your home with floral decorations in the form of garlands hanging across your doorframes, down the balcony or wound around the railing of your staircase. While marigold flowers remain a classic and easily accessible choice, experiment with your favourite flower varieties that your local florist can customise for you. Another option is to simply use flower petals placed across the floor, and create a focal point with a statement diya.

When it comes to lights, you can choose from multi-coloured fairy lights in white, warm yellow and every colour of the rainbow. Besides hanging these across the exterior of your house, you can also create a modern indoor look by winding them up and placing them in coloured jars across tabletops to gently catch the eye. There is also the traditional option of diyas. Earthen diyas not only look beautiful with their flickering flame, but also provide livelihood to the local artisans who create them each year.

your home

And finally, you can create rangoli across the floor using everything from flower petals to rangoli powder and even paint. Make sure you trace the design out in chalk to make it easy. Rangoli at the entryway to the house is a classic move, but don’t let that stop you from creating smaller versions in other parts of your home as well. Once ready, you can also place diyas across your rangoli designs to shine during the night.

Sweet treats
and more

Diwali is incomplete without traditional sweets and savoury snacks. From kachoris and mathis to gajak, halwa and laddoos, there are a variety of foods to choose from this time of year. While indulging, be sure to choose homemade sweets and savoury snacks over store-bought ones wherever possible. Sweets made in ghee will not only taste amazing but will also go a long way in helping strengthen your immunity, while dry fruits will provide your body with the heat that is needed as the days get colder.


While celebrating with loved ones, it’s important to be careful and take precautions for the sake of all present. Fire safety is of utmost importance especially with diyas lit within the home. This year with the spread of Covid, it is also important to keep our masks on while hosting and interacting with friends and loved ones. Our wide range of masks in a variety of colours and patterns will have you covered, no matter what you’re wearing. Choose from our kurti and mask sets, or our mask bundles that are handcrafted with upcycled fabric for an eco-friendly Diwali.

Outfit for
the occasion

Whether you’re hosting a Diwali brunch or an evening do that transitions into nighttime celebrations, we’ve got just the outfit for you.

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