Health Goals for 2019

Health goals for 2019, among other things…

It’s universally recognised now that being healthy and fit should be a top priority goal for everyone, no exceptions. So are there any tips to help you decide what should be on the agenda and what shouldn’t? We bring you some ideas!

Health Goals for 2019

Keeping it simple and real is what commitment and achievement is about. The clearer and simpler your goals are, the more the chances of realising them. Here are some fitness steps that are realistic yet will over a period of time help create a fitter you!

  1. Walk a thousand steps more each day! Put your Fitbit to good use, Ramp up the walking and see how much better you’ll feel.
  2. Eat one plant-based meal each day! Eat seasonal veggies: Sarson ka saag, Methi-gajar, bajra roti, gur, chukandar ka kachumber, baingan ka bharta. Watch the change.
  3. Go to bed an hour earlier! All you insomniacs, get into bed an hour earlier. No devices, no screens, just blissful sleep.
  4. Cut out the ‘vino’ for one week in January. Stay off the wagon for just one week and let your liver and system detox. The more frequently you do this, the better your liver will feel.
  5. Replace a favourite sugary treat with a healthier one… try some dried figs or some kishmish instead of that cookie.
  6. Do some stretching and deep breathing. Improves your flexibility, helps you breathe deeper and keeps your internal organs healthier.

Reward Yourself!

All this good behaviour deserves a few treats! Here are some wonderful sartorial suggestions for this new you!

Peekaboo Princess!

Can a dress be innocent and beguiling at the same time? This pink cold shoulder dress certainly manages both! As for the fellas, you definitely won’t be able to give them the cold shoulder!

Golden Fantasy!

Three fourth sleeves, a nipped waist and a gently flounced skirt make for an outfit fit for royalty. Think pale gold sunshine and colourful posies warming our hearts on a winter day! 

Princess Rose!

Indeed, love is giving her a red, red rose — as goes the popular song! But what if she has bunches of red roses that seem to be sending you a message! This elegant outfit is an ode to love and all lovers! An unspoken reminder to say those three little words!

Sweetness and Light!

Pretty as a picture, this frosted pink dress with delicate sprays of flowers makes for a charming, cute-as-a-button impression. Definitely the kind of maiden who will attract knights in shining armour, jostling to gain her favour!

Pastel Perfect!

An ultra-feminine, flouncy dress with a full skirt that’s meant for swirling and twirling in. Dance the night away in beat with the new and have them queuing up to ask for an encore!

Meaningful resolutions with small incremental actions that can be sustained for longer are definitely the way to go in the long run. New Year resolutions and goals are no different — this is your time to renew yourself and re-invent your path forward! All the very best to this new you!

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