Reclaim your life — this New Year!

Swap devices for face-to-face time with friends and loved ones! 

Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger saves the world from machines? Well, we don’t know about the world but pretty much each of us needs to save our lives from the devices we own. We are currently ruled by them rather than the other way around! From Whatsapp to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s a wonder that any of us has time for other things! Haven’t you seen family dinners these days? A table with lots of people all intently staring into their smartphones! Truly a meeting of hearts and minds!

Take these four steps for a less frenetic you!

  1. Gift yourself 30 minutes of “me time” a day. Make friends with yourself. Spend some time doing things you love, each day. Relax, draw a deep breath, read a book. Make that call to that favourite aunt. Watch your dog chase his tail. Have a cup of home brewed coffee. You need to reclaim your life from the clock of routine.
  2. Banish all social media apps from your phone’s home screen. Make it harder to dig into social platforms. No notifications.
  3. At least one night in, each week? No partying for this animal, at least one night a week. Eat in, preferably a yum meal that you share with family. Over jokes and shared stories.
  4. Change one activity from your routine, each month. Never subscribe to the status quo. Switch things around, juggle them and change them so you always have something new to look forward to. Always a runner? Try Pilates for all of this month. Or go in for that Ashtang yoga class.
  5. Meet a new person each week. Life is about people, not devices. Make sure you’re in circulation, meeting new people, learning new things! Bring back the juice into connecting with people. Feel enriched!
  6. Catch up with an old friend, a loved one each week. It’s a date! You need hugs and strokes for that good old oxytocin to flow. Spend some real time (not Facetime on your iPhone) on sharing news, breaking bread with your friends and family. Remember that they will be there for you when no one will.

One good turn deserves another!

If you’re going to turn over a new leaf then surely you need encouragement and cheering up! What better to do it with better than that new dress. Do yourself a good turn and cast a covetous eye over the next few pictures! You need to put forth your new self for the world to discover!

Princess Charming!

An enchanting outfit that shows off your magical, feminine inner self. The dress that makes a princess of you and inspires every boy you meet to become your Prince Charming!

Nymph of the Meadow

A dress that celebrates wild flowers blooming under the mountain sky. It’s about the beauty of flowering valleys and pristine meadows. Soar into azure heights when you put this on and imagine yourself lost in forest glades, waiting for adventure and Sir Galahad.

Ms. Butterfly

“Butterflies are free,” goes the haunting song and that’s the quirky charm of this dress. Bohemia meets forest meadow and free spirit. Enjoy the sweetness of a pretty white dress that speaks of tress and flowers! Nature therapy wrapped all around you!

Bella the beautiful!

This delightfully ethereal dress is just right for a date out with Mr Right. Wear it and watch him turn to jelly with each and every swish and flounce of the gorgeous sleeves and the oh-so-feminine lines. It’s time to bat your lashes!

Vision in Wine Red!

Intoxicating, seductive and magnetic, the rich colour of this dress and it’s subtly flattering lines can cast a spell that’s unlikely to ever break! New Year allure is written in every turn and twirl!

So it’s soon going to turn into another year….. Happy New Year from Libas! May the coming 365 fill your life with the vibrant colours of love, laughter and good cheer! To you and yours!!!

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