Getting Ready for the party

Resolutions, celebrations, dressing up and other stories…..

This promises to be a long, multi-edition post — there’s so much to talk about! Already a year has gone by and a shiny new one is on its way. How are you going to welcome it? What’s your life plan for the coming year? Have you taken stock of the one that’s on its way out?

Resolutions — making them, keeping them, NOT breaking them!

Only 9% of people are able to keep the New Year’s resolutions they make. Why? Probably because in our need to make a fresh start, we chew off more than we realise. So what are the tips to make and keep New Year’s resolutions?

7 tips to make the RIGHT New Year resolutions!

  1. Keep it specific. Go from, “ I want to lose weight’ or “I want to read more books” to “I want to lose 5 kgs” or “Here’s the list of the12 books I want to read this year”.
  2. Keep it realistic. You can’t climb Mount Everest in one day. So choose a smaller, achievable goal. It will help you feel good when you realise it and spur you on to the next one. “I will do yoga two times a week,” not “ I will do yoga every day at 5 am in the morning.” Especially if you’re the wake-up-late sort!
  3. Try a single resolution. Just one! Better to focus all your energies on a single target than trying to spread yourself thin across too many. That one big change that will make a key difference to your life.
  4. Start well much before deciding it — by thinking about it; writing it down, internalising it and planning how to achieve it. Write the challenges you will face along the way and how you plan to deal with them… understand how you will get there.
  5. Take small steps. Every journey begins with a single step, said a wise man.
  6. Keep your motivation high. Don’t let yourself stray — remind yourself of why you are on this path. Find the strength to keep going. Good things take time.
  7. Enlist the support of friends and family. You need support to achieve that big, life-changing resolution. Hint: Use family Whatsapp groups for support.

All the very best. Keep strong, keep going!

Looking good and feeling great!

Feeling confident and positive, does have a lot to do with looking good. So here are some suggestions from Libas on how to dress right for the coming New Year celebrations! Splash on some perfume, throw in a stole or two, slip on some jewellery and most importantly, strap on those dancing shoes!

Shades of gray, not just black & white!

Smart and elegant, this dress has a versatility that’s rare. It could easily do great at work or a party or a night out, pub crawling. Accessorise it right with some chunky jewellery and a smart stole and you’ll do just fine!

Oh-so-charming Green!

This pale leaf green dress that has a funky ‘antique lunchbox’ print and looks just so different and distinctive! Throw on a pink stole or some pink crochet earrings and you’re set. High on noticeability and style!

Funky Bohemian!

Unconventional and bold, it spells adventure! Paisleys that just brim over with mischief and gypsy charm. Flash your eyes and get ready for the maracas!

Sweet & Serene!

Bright blossoms against an electric blue expanse come together to offer a dainty and graceful ensemble that sweetly charms. Get ready to be worshipped for the goddess you are!

Posies at dusk!

This beautiful dress combines the vibrant charm of bunches of flowers against a soft gray sky that reminds one of a winter garden at dusk. Need we say more?

Superwoman inspired!

Uber-chic and starkly modern, this dress is certainly inspired by geometry and art to deliver a punchline that’s anything but mathematical! Chin up and smile!

More coming up on the New Year and how to make the best of new opportunities. We’ll be back soon with more tips, more ideas and some darn useful advice! Follow this blog and see you right here.

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