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Running away from Winter?

If you’re headed for a bit of sun, carry these along!

We present to you our autumn-winter collection, Birch. Made to fit perfectly into every kind of social setting whether you’re with family, friends or loved ones, Birch is stocked with classic Indian wear silhouettes painted in the colours of fall: warm ochres, luscious maroons, deep indigos and forest greens. And they’re all made in skin-friendly cotton and rayon decorated with fine prints and embroidery to suit a variety of occasions.What’s life without a vacation? And if you can run away from winter on a holiday that strings together a bit of sun and sand, here are some must take-alongs!

Kindle your love
for reading!

Nothing like taking along some reading material. Take a few hundred books in a slim notebook sized Kindle and keep flipping!


When at the beach, do as beach bums do — swim! And since that’s where swim suits come in all sizes, colour and shapes, so go on choose one that makes a mermaid of you! Flaunt those fins!

flop out!

Do the flippety-flop on a beach towel and watch the world go by as grains of sand play footsie with your toes. Aaaah!!!

While off the beach!

Here are some dresses that are bound to make turn heads whether you’re on the beach or not!

Cutie pie

The eternally sun-kissed look of summers — carefree and young. That’s definitely the best feel of a holiday look. Fun days and laughter!

Froth N’ Bubble

That’s a high! Cool and unflappable little Miss Bubbly knows where she’s going and what she’s going to do when she gets there!


Calm smiles, steady steps towards the goal. Never hurried or harried. Just quiet and sure. And always charming, cute as a button!


You bet she doesn’t let grass grow under her feet. Even on holiday. Dynamos have a way of getting around, taking charge, doing things and presenting a fait accompli!

Sunny side up!

Breezy and summery, emanating sunny vibes — a reminder that bright and bold smiles can win them all! Always.

Getaways are always fun — summer, winter or monsoon. Never lose the chance to step away, run away from it all and a precious weekend later, pick up where you left off, without missing a step!

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