Time to revisit those resolutions!

You thought we had forgotten????

If you made any resolutions for 2019, this is perhaps a good time to have another look at them…. which ones did you keep? Which ones did you break? And why? You’ll understand yourself and your motivations better and that as you know, is worth a lot!

Let us take you through some beautiful selections from Birch that you’re sure to love.


  1. Choose the one that’s most important

    Not all your resolutions may stick. So choose the one that’s likely to make the most impact on how you spend 2019. Less is more, especially when it comes to resolutions.

  2. Make small goals to achieving it

    Don’t expect big changes to happen all of a sudden. Small steps are more constructive and enduring. Steady does it. So break up that resolution into a set of small goals and keep at it!

  3. Reward yourself when you reach each goal!

    Feel good about yourself when you cross a milestone. Celebrate it by rewarding yourself. It could be a gadget you’ve always wanted, a weekend off by yourself at the spa, a getaway with a girlfriend, a special meal at a fancy restaurant… or a dress to celebrate a fitness goal. Do recognise your ability to achieve… and applaud it. You are your most important cheer leader!

Libas celebrates these wonderful mini-steps with some hot, off-the-press, just-in ensembles that can work really well as motivators!


This simple and chic white dress with its butterfly print is so charming! A just reward for achieving a goal!

Flowers on
a snowy morning!

There’s something so refreshing about this dress. Cool, calm and serene, it’s a statement of good taste and subtlety.

Dusky Pink
meets Brown!

Flowers, checks and a sash belt come together in this tunic dress to create the quiet charm of a soft pastel print dress. Feel good in it!

Grey matched
with Red!

Scarlett floral sprays scatter across a pale grey background to create an arresting combination. Ideal for a small act of self-love! Enjoy.

Posies in

Flowers come in every single colour of your dreams and imagination, grey included! Dream in black, white and grey and this is what you’ll see!

Flounce meets

Can anything be more feminine than these flared sleeves that pack a generous flounce? Flowers, pale tints and a touch of whimsy orange can be so cheerful!

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