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All you need is love!

Valentine’s Day is that one day in the year when we celebrate love! Roses, chocolates, cards and surprise gifts along with declarations of undying love are what makes this day so special.

The new Valentine’s Day!

Love yourself! This is today’s mantra. To be able to give love, you need to shower yourself with love. So accept yourself, flaws and all, and make friends with yourself, first of all! Remember, love like charity, begins at home.

Be your own Valentine!

Buy yourself some goodies: Laddoos, chocolates, cheese, champagne — whatever it is that tickles your fancy. Get a bunch of lilies or roses or orchids — any flower you love and put them in a vase in your favourite spot. Smile!

Empower yourself with a gift!

There’s nothing like being friends with yourself. Gift yourself the things you love: Whether it’s an experience, a beautiful accessory or an ensemble that makes you look and feel special. After all, YOU are the most important friend you’ll ever have. Genuine empowerment comes from liking yourself and accepting yourself. This Valentine’s Day, kick off a beautiful relationship with yourself with a lovely gift —to yourself!

Happy Valentine’s from Libas!

Libas has curated some fabulous dresses that will make you feel special and loved! Enjoy turning heads and captivating hearts!


Sprigs of dainty flowers strewed all over. Colourful and elegant!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! You owe it to yourself! and to those who love you. Happy memories to you from Team Libas!

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