Spring Summer 2021: A Celebration of Traditional Indian Crafts

An ode to the age-old craft of Gota Patti

Channel a floral mood with our breezy cotton ensembles adorned with floral prints and delicate Gota Patti details. Native to Rajasthan, Gota Patti or Gota-Kinari work is a singular embroidery tradition where simple patterns are using small pieces of Zari ribbon. These are stitched over the fabric with the edges sewn down. Our Nazm collection is an ode to the age-old craft of Gota Patti. Shop our summer festive styles that are refreshing yet elegant, perfect for the season.

The INDIGO STORY : Inspired by the ancient Indian craft of Indigo Dyeing

Embrace the comfort of intricately crafted kurtas and suits that showcase the versatility of the Indigo hue. Historically, India produced some of the finest and most luxurious indigo dyes and fabrics which were in demand across the globe. Our collection of sophisticatedly printed traditional and modern ensembles celebrate this ancient Indigo dyeing technique. Shop from our Indigo Story, crafted in breathable cotton featuring timeless styles that are wardrobe must-haves. 

Opulent silk ensembles adorned with intricate Zari embroidery

Adorn yourself in our spectacular range of silk ensembles crafted embellished with accents of traditional Zari embroidery and Jacquard weaving. Zari work is an intricate art of embroidering metal threads on the fabrics to create a luminescent look, while Jacquard is a weaving technique used to make allover patterns. Wear our opulent silk ensembles for an evening of festivities. Explore the grandeur of embellished silks during our End of Season Sale. 

Inspired by the traditional craft of Khari block printing

A breezy collection adorned with white-hued motifs layered on soft contrasting tones to create a striking and spirited look. Inspired by Khari printing, a surface embellishment craft similar to block printing, where the impression of the motif stays over the surface to create a soft textured look. Brighten up your day in these light suit sets inspired by the beauty of Khari. These summer styles are minimal yet elegant, perfect for intimate celebrations.

Inspired by the desert craft of block printing

Inspired by the desert craft of block printing, our Ajrakh collection features a combination of geometric and floral motifs layered in rich, earthy hues. Inspired by Islamic architecture and iconography, the patterns found in Ajrakh are highly geometric, printed in a web of repetitive design sequences. Crafted on a soft cotton base, this collection is perfect for balmy summer days. Explore the riveting edit of printed kurtas and suit sets during our End of Season Sale. 

Explore our rich edit of craft inspired ensembles in unique styles during our End of season sale here.

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