Weddings, shehnai, glitter…

Dresses to help you shine!

Two people making their vows are an occasion for solemnity, grace and also for letting your hair down! Stardust, glitter, spangles and gaiety are the theme for all wedding celebrations, no matter where and when. So put on your million watt smile and any one of these creations and get ready to sparkle!

Burgundy meets Gold!

A made-for-each-other combination. Created just to make you look heavenly. Shine on, angel!

Slinky weds Sultry!

Svelte propositions Sleek!

Contemporary, slender lines and a bold, vibrant print takes this ensemble out of the ordinary and turns into wedding worthy. Look chic and charming — match with vibrant dangler earrings and step forward with a smile!

Traditional married to Contemporary!

When ancient meets modern and makes a go of it, you get outfits that meld two worlds successfully. A beautiful blue with traditional motifs styled to today’s aesthetics. Look good and feel great!

Chic and Charm, arm in arm!

A blue diamond print, with charming swirly skirt makes for a ultra-feminine ensemble with seductive flair.

Sweet going steady with Innocence!

This playful pink creation softly whispers, “Baby doll meets Princess Daisy!” Enjoy its cute, girly charm and be ready for chocolates and flowers! Stay sweet sixteen forever!

Pink meets Siren!

Temptresses come in all colours of the rainbow. This pink confetti outfit while apparently in shades of the sweetest and purest, clearly signals allure and heady days ahead!

Dance the nights away, sing songs of love and meet the festivities with open heart and welcoming arms — Enjoy!!!!!

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