Back to School!

Ms. Carefree

Graduate school or college, as it’s called in India is an aspiration for millions of Indians for whom a better education represents a better life. This new world has a totally new attitude, however, and you need to crack some of its codes, pronto! So here’s a quick tutorial on a few things college — mainly, suggestions of threads (college speak for clothes).

Ms. Casual

Ms. Let’s play it cool. Red and white are a classic fashion statement in any case. Do you need to say more?

Ms. Scholar

Can anyone be more charming? Sweet young miss, entering a whole new world of unknowns and unforeseens! Ms. Scholarship, quiet yet obviously quite clear about which way she’s headed.

Ms. Bohemian

All’s cool and all hunky dory with very little dressing up. This young lady has her head right on her shoulders and her fancy is her guiding spirit.

Ms. Fashion

And then there’s the girl who wants to be noticed. Yes, she does get noticed. In this outfit, there’s no chance of being missed!

Ms. Campus

Smart, demure and clearly headed for a brighter future, this look is intelligent student meets subtle fashion sense.

Campus days are possibly the most enjoyable days of one’s life — the future awaits, the world awaits and a sense of hidden glory beckons us forward! Good luck and happy growing up, guys and gals!

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