Winter is coming!

Beauty remedies for keeping winter at bay!

Winters, glorious winters are here! The season of picnics, of mellow sunshine and that welcome nip in the air! However, the days that spell all that’s fresh and frolicsome needn’t mean dry skin and that oh-so-dreadful stretched feeling any more. Use these simple kitchen and beauty box remedies to acquire skin that smiles and glows!

Milk cream and honey

Wash face with coarse besan (chickpea flour). Mix a tsp of milk malai with raw honey. Rub gently into clean skin in circular motions. Leave on for 10–15 minutes. Wash off and pat skin dry, gently. Voila! A new and shiny you! Use this regularly for well-nourished skin.

Aloe vera and cold pressed sesame oil

Start with a clean face. Mix a tablespoon of Aloe vera gel ( or sap from a piece of Aloe vera plant, if you can get it) with 10 drops of cold-pressed sesame oil. Now apply and rub the mixture on your face in circular motions. Keep on for at least 30 minutes or even overnight. Wash off with besan. Great dry skin routine for winters!

Papaya and raw milk

Mash papaya in raw milk so that a coarse face pack is created. Apply on clean skin and leave on for 15–20 minutes. Wash off with water — scrub your skin gently in circular motions while doing so. Papaya with its rich vitamin A content and milk with natural alpha hydroxy acids work together to give you glowing skin.

Winters are also party time!

It’s time to get going on your mingling! Here are some dresses that are certainly mingle-friendly!

Let’s go clubbing!

Gold, rust and black….the classic party animal’s colours. Shine on for all to see. Go on, have fun, get noticed and have a blast doing it!

Pub crawlers’ night out!

Nothing like oodles of elegance to carry off those tall daiquiris and mojitos! Dainty cocktail umbrellas, cherries on a stick and colourful, translucent potions find their match in this burnished ochre gold ensemble!

Karaoke evening special!

Perfect for those sing-alongs, open-your-heart-out evenings. Old numbers, favourite melodies and pure nostalgia. Enjoy!!!

Glam bureau meetings!

Glamour is not for everyone. It takes pizzaz to carry off dramatic colours and prints. But the rewards of being able to do so are so sweet — dropped jaws and instant stardom!

Winters are for merrymaking. Glowing skin and bombshell dresses are for sharing, for flaunting! Go forth and party — till you drop!

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