Top ten dresses for merrymaking!

December is derived from the Latin word “Decem” meaning 10.  So here are this season’s ten commandments … let us whisper in your ear

Libas shares this season’s ten fashion secrets with you. Listen carefully and play along to get your unfair share of eyeballs.

#Secret number 1

Smart and svelte asymmetrical turquoise pantsuits can’t but help get you loads of attention — of the very flattering kind. Says it all about your dress sense. Go dazzle!

#Secret number 2

Red sirens always get their place in the spotlight. Go on — shatter hopes and make hearts stop in their tracks. You’ll mesmerise!

#Secret number 3

When you play it cool, it makes others hot and bothered. Cool as mint says this outfit! so don’t let anything (or anyone) get under your skin as you entrance the audience!

#Secret number 4

Bare shoulders are to die for — a mere glimpse can elevate an ordinary dress into a stunner! So be prepared for all the glances that are bound to come your way. This season’s top trend.

#Secret number 5

Peekaboo says the front slit kurta and guess what? People are peeking! Ice blue with blue denim look pants make for a smart, fresh look that’s going to make others sit up and take notice!

#Secret number 6

Bohemia never fails to charm! Pastoral florals with stripes make for a casual, fresh breeze of fancy that’s so captivating! Look like the gipsy queen you are, at heart!

#Secret number 7

Asymmetry is in! Gone are the days when hemlines were neat and precise. Today it’s about flow! Levels that don’t know their place but move to create a flattering swish each time you move. Dance the night away!

#Secret number 8

Short and sweet is the surprising way to go! Just when you thought it was all swirl and swoosh, here comes this dainty embroidered number that just can’t help but entrance!

#Secret number 9

Kurtas come in layers! Take off, put on, take off again…. and watch the mood in the room change. It’s called a temperature setting control — and now it’s in your hands.

#Secret number 10

Belles sport bells these days… bells on their fingers, bells on their toes and bells cut to pass off as sleeves! Go on, don these bells and be the belle of the ball. Muah!

Can secrets be kept for long? Before the word gets out, use our little whispers to good advantage — and smile inside as others watch your every step! Happy trendsetting!

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