5 Easy outfits to suit your Mood

We all dress-up according to our mood, don’t we? From donning an athleisure look when you’re too lazy to take your sweats off to pulling off an all-black look when leaving for a girls night out. Ethnic wear can also be fun when styled the right way and for the right occasion. We’re giving you tips and tricks to get on the bandwagon of fashionistas and elevate your style game depending on your mood.

1. Monday Blues. What Monday Blue?

It’s all fun and games until you realize on a Sunday afternoon that the weekend is almost over and the anxiety of Monday hits you hard.

The best way to beat Monday is donning Blue! Don’t believe us? Well, according to researchers, the color Blue can actually help fight stress and sadness and can give you a kick when your too lethargic to work. Also, it helps reduce your blood pressure too. So isn’t Blue a surefire option for Monday, when even hitting the snooze button is a task?

2. Flower Power

First things first–Summer wouldn’t be Summer without a plethora of floral outfits resting peacefully in your fashion arsenal. If you have been keeping a tab on SS’18 runways, you know florals aren’t going anywhere this season as well and that means your flowery prints should be out in full bloom. Think Breezy Kurtis paired with loose hemmed bottoms or fresh and vibrant Solid Floral Print Kurtis matched with plain or solid leggings. Florals are all about having fun and embracing the warmth and romance of the summer season. In case you have second thoughts about living in full bloom this season, check out few outfit ideas below and more at Libas.in.

3. It’s Friday, Friday!

Girls, give a break to your Little Black Dresses and try donning something different for weekends. If dresses and gowns have been your OG for social gatherings, rooftop soirees or just a casual drink date with your girl squad, it’s time your weekend wardrobe needs a reform. Flared palazzo paired with a top (if you don’t want to go even a tad bit near to ethnic) or wearing your crop top with a fun, bright and sporty trouser will give you that Insta-worthy #OOTD you’ve been longing for. Mind pulling off an athleisure look for the weekend? Check out these cool trousers below.

4. When Attending Your Third Cousin’s Wedding

Want to be the IT girl at the party but concerned about things going OTT? Girl, we got you. It doesn’t matter you don’t remember your far-off cousin’s name who’s getting married but your presence at the wedding need not be forgotten. Scroll down to find the perfect outfit options you need to check out before you head for an event where minimalism is the key to shine.

5. C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Not always you need to wear a power suit to give out those boss babe vibes to the world. Colors like solid red and black make you feel fierce and confident. When going for a job interview try wearing hues that stand out. Steer clear from pastels and light colors and opt for darker hues of black, blue and red. According to the psychology of colors, dark colors are perceived as formal, confident and authoritative. Sport an all-black attire (works like a charm) and feel smarter, more attractive and confident. Thank us later!

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