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      Durga Puja Dresses


      Durga puja commemorates Goddess Durga's victory over the asura Mahisasura. As a result, they rejoice in the triumph of good over evil. Durga puja honours the harvest festival in India in part by worshipping the goddess as the motherly energy at the heart of all life and creation. The festival coincides with Dusshera, the ultimate celebration of good triumphing over evil. Pandals are built all over the country, bhajans and aartis are sung, men and women fast for the whole 9 days, and they dress up in the most colourful and vibrant outfits for the big celebration. Be it the gorgeous Durga Puja sarees or the newest addition to the party, the Durga Puja dresses, women can choose the prettiest pieces of women’s clothing to make their celebrations more special.

      Libas brings to you an exclusive collection of Durga Puja dresses made in different colours, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes for you to create the best look for Durga Puja. The lengths of the dresses in the collection vary from knee-length to midi and finally to maxi. Some of the most elegant Durga Puja dresses come with delicately crafted dupattas to add to the charm of the dress. So dive in, look through the collection, and find the perfect one for you. Don’t forget to apply the special Durga Puja offers to get your favourite items at discounted prices.


      Durga Puja is one of India's most celebrated festivals, and Libas becomes a part of your special festive celebration by offering the prettiest Durga Puja dresses made from the finest quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, rayon, georgette, and more. You can browse the entire collection and select the best Durga Puja dress for women. But first, let's take a look at the most popular fabrics that are used to make these dresses for you.


      Cotton is the most comfortable, durable, pretty, and breezy material there is. The cotton Durga puja dresses allow you to look gorgeous at the festival while being comfortable throughout the pooja day.


      The sheen of the fabric distinguishes silk as a premium-quality fabric. Silk dresses are ideal for wearing on cold festive days because the thick fabric restricts wind from touching your body and keeps you warm all night.


      How about opting for a gorgeous flowy georgette dress on the special occasion? The Georgette Durga puja dresses for women are listed on the Libas website and mobile app for you to create a unique look for you.


      Libas’ brings to you a wide range of Durga Puja dresses, including dresses in multiple styles, colours, prints, and patterns. Whether you wish to choose a western one or a traditional dress for Durga Puja, Libas has got them all for you. These dresses are available in all Libas stores across the country. However, buying your favourite Durga Puja dresses online will enable you to avail additional discounts, along with free shipping and a 15-day return and exchange policy. Moreover, Libas often comes up with seasonal and festive sales on the website and mobile app, like the upcoming karwa chauth one that offers karwa chauth dresses, sarees, suits for women, kurtis, and lehenga for karwa chauth at affordable prices. Libas’ customer care team is available to assist you on +919899990772 and at care@libas.in regarding any queries or doubts about the Libas fashion products. 


      Which dress is best for Durga Puja?

      Durga Puja is celebrated all over the country with a lot of fun, joy, love, food, and the prettiest outfits for both men and women. While sarees dominated Durga Puja fashion in the past, the ever-changing fashion world has created Durga Puja special dresses with the most beautiful ethnic motifs for modern women to wear at the celebration. Browse an exquisite collection of beautiful Durga Puja dresses for women and select the best one for you at an affordable price.

      How to style dresses for Durga Puja?

      Once you've chosen the perfect Durga Puja dress, you must style it correctly so that you look your stunning best at this year's Durga Puja function. The Durga Puja dresses look best with block heels or stilettos. Furthermore, when selecting jewellery, avoid going overboard by selecting pieces that complement rather than the ones that overshadow your dress. Finally, apply some makeup and you're ready to go! Explore the entire collection today and find your favourite Durga Pooja dress!