Autumn, the season of mists

A gentle reminder that Winter is coming!

Sharad Poornima, an autumn full moon harvest festival celebrated across India

In India, autumn is known as Sharad Ritu — the season of milder weather and clear skies after three months of rain.

Ashwin and Kartik are the two months that fall during this season. Festivals are just around the corner — Navaratri with its fasting and its merrymaking and


dancing; Durga Pooja with its celebrations — song, music and the mesmerising


dance; Dussehra, the victory festival with its magnificent processions and finally, Sharad Poornima (also called Kojagiri Poornima) — a celebration of the harvest and the beauty of the autumn full moon, whose rays are believed to have healing properties.

Rice Kheer, made
for Kojagiri Poornima and kept in the moonlight to soak up healing moon

Getting ready for Festive Dressing!

Nothing matches the air of anticipation as girls start planning their wardrobe and choosing their accessories to match! 

Sharad Beauty

Cream, gold, and emerald are a match made in heaven. Look like the stunning presence you are — let others bask in the beauty of your smile and the lightning flash of your eyes.

Rose Princess!

The charm of moonlit nights and clear skies accentuated by this vintage color and uber-enchanting combination. Elegant and unforgettable, let the beat of the


enthrall you.

Mehndi Magic

This beautiful ensemble in


green can never lose its appeal, especially when combined with a delicate, traditional floral block print. The full flare of the pants


for grace and playful swirling while dancing to the drums.

Cream Goddess

Sophisticated and elegant, matching the moon’s delicate shades, this outfit makes its presence felt. Looking so confidently understated is an art that’s understood only by a few. Subtle and charming.

A bright melon pink that boldly announces its entrance into a room. Chin up, stride emphatic, as you declare war — the eternal war for attention. Relax and become the goddess of victory in this battle.

Ms. Orange and Gold

Nothing quite matches the shimmering charm of tangerine and gold, each reflecting the beauty of the other. Softly flowing fabric that creates visual appeal on the Richter scale, demolishing all else in its wake. Be prepared for the looks and the attention! 

The all-new Autumn and Winter Collection from Libas promises to help you stand out in this season of moonlight trysts and frenzied drum beats. Let your charm and confidence boldly assail all hearts and make them yours 

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