Colourful Tales of Winter…

Bright reds and purples transform dreary into cheery!

Long nights and short days. Dull grey skies. Days when the sun seems to be MIA. That’s when you need to strike back with the power of colour! Stun with all shades of the rainbow! Seek and destroy soul-sucking winter grey with vibrant brightness!

Ms. Scarlett O’Hara

Winters can’t get her down. In fact nothing can! After all, “Tomorrow is another day!’ is the philosophy and personal credo that keeps her going!

Her Royal Highness

You do know that the colour purple was once the preserve of only emperors and their consorts? So this winter, say hail to a colour that inspired the Cleopatras and Elizabeths of this world.

Ms. Apricots and Peaches

“Peachy!” says it all. The colour of all that’s quintessentially feminine and captivating in its delicate charm and elegance. Bow down low in obeisance!

Ms. Chocolate Mudpie!

Can any colour be sweeter than the colour of one of the world’s most popular desserts? Brown is not just beautiful but so decadent and indulgent too!

Ms. Red-Red-Ready to Rock!

Can red and gold ever be anything but stunning? The colours of power and beauty come together in a dynamite package of a dress. Watch out, it’s explosive!

Emerald Sylph of the Forest!

Slender, straight outlines in a rich emerald green that just glows with promise. Surely, a colour for the gods and their favourites!

Drama Queen

Bold crimson layered with midnight black makes for a statement worthy of Covent Garden or the West End. Theatrical is it!

Colour your winter wardrobe with a palette of rainbow hues designed to make the winter chill melt away into the warmth they radiate! And keep in mind what the poet once said, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind!”

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