Fashion Goals 2020!

Take the road less travelled by this year and note all the extra attention you’ll get — notes about fashion, life and being the heroine of your own life script…

It’s that time of the year to set the course for the next 365 ahead. Gone are the days when you set yourself up for failure by making pie-in-the-sky resolutions. Now, with the start of a new decade, it’s okay to recognise that changing yourself is a journey rather than a series of drastic measures! Goals are the new way to go.

Take charge of your life! Be the heroine not a sidekick. Dress like you are central to the plot because, surprise, surprise, you are! And hey, girl! don’t forget to behave like the one in charge either. Take responsibility for yourself, learn new skills, take online courses to refresh your professional credentials. Learning is the one thing that will always pay rich dividends.

Fashion is a philosophy. What you wear reveals a lot about you. The colours you choose, the cuts you favour, the fabrics you prefer — they are all clues that point to the kind of person you are — right from radiating confidence to being thoughtful and contemplative. Just be aware of this and go on!

You are the author of your life script! So be clear what you want it to say. Remember that how you say anything is as important as what you say. It’s no different with clothes — are you comfortable wearing them? Are they ‘you’? — do they reflect your personality? They should feel like you are very much in your own skin!

What’s life without some colour? This year, the start of a new decade is the right time to get a bit bold with your wardrobe. Wear more colour, step out of your comfort zone. Be brave and experimental, in your wardrobe, in your life and see the difference it makes.

Libas offers some cool shades and outfits to get you started on your new fashion journey for 2020. Bon voyage!

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