Fashion statements for Republic Day…

Saluting the colours of our flag!

Our flag has some of the most beautiful colours in the world and what’s more — they have a meaningful history. Saffron is for sacrifice and noble intent, green is for abundance and prosperity, while white stands for peace and tranquility. Celebrate these beautiful colours this January, and make them a part of your identity as an Indian.

Saffron is a beautiful
shade of love…


S is for Saffron and for sacrifice!

Flaunt all shades of saffron this month, from a full-blooded tangerine to a subtle peach. No sacrifice needed because they’re all such beautiful colours! Feel free to choose the shades that speak to you and suit you. offers a wonderful set of choices in this sunshine colour.

Green is the colour
of happiness…

The colour green represents abundance. From vibrant lime green to the green of a newly washed leaf or the sea-green of a mighty ocean, offers a myriad shades of green that you can carry with pride! Wear green and invite abundance into your life.

White is the harbinger
of friendship…


W is for White and the wisdom of peace!

Peace and tranquility are conscious choices that help us calm down and reduce stress in our daily lives. White is a colour that contains all colours, yet is the very epitome of quiet elegance. Go on to and get yourself some crisp whites this January and show your support for this national colour. But don’t forget to team up with your special gang of girls, while doing so!

Make some patriotic colour choices! offers you a wide choice of the latest garment trends in all these beautiful shades. Choose from a huge range of styles and add a touch of patriotic fervour along with panache and style to your wardrobe.

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