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Celebrating Ganesha, the god of wisdom and wit …

With Ganesha Chaturthi around the corner, there’s euphoria in every home in Maharashtra, where the God of wisdom is much-loved and treated like a member of the family. Ganya, Bappa, Gannu are some of the loving diminutives, the terms of endearment that are used to address him.

What’s so special about Ganesh? What can we learn from him?

He’s the god who looks different.

He’s pot-bellied and awkwardly shaped but that’s not what is so glaringly different about him: It’s his elephant head. A man’s body with the head of an elephant — can anyone be more odd? Ye, who are suffering from body shaming and being made fun of being the odd one out, take heart. If this peculiar little god can be the God we all love, whose blessings we seek for all new projects we start, whose wisdom and wit are revered in our mythology, there’s a lesson to be learned: Don’t be afraid to be different. Develop other qualities and skills that will make others notice you for the right reasons. Cry “Jai Gannu!” and forge ahead without reserve!

Ganesha is a foodie!

Food is what nourishes us, keeps our cells supplied with nutrients that are essential for the working of our body. So being a foodie is a positive — it’s about good times, celebrations, loving your body and feeding it the good stuff. But what does Ganesha like to eat? Modaks — a whole-wheat pouch like covering stuffed with coconut, dry fruit, jaggery, cooked together and fried in pure ghee (clarified butter). All rich in nutrients! He likes the good stuff, guys! Don’t offer him biscuits, chips, or instant noodles, if you want to please him! So there’s a lesson there for us all — eat tasty, healthy and traditional foods rather than stuff that comes out of a packet. The former are good for you!

Ganesha is a super-sharp thinker dude

Ganesha is quick to grasp the inner core of any situation and seize the day because of his innate understanding of things. Ridiculed by Kartikeya, his brother, about having a mouse for a steed (Kartikeya has a peacock) and issued a challenge about which of them would circumnavigate the earth the fastest, he accepted and calmly waited till his brother took off in a rush and then quietly went to his parents, the Goddess Parvati and the God Shiva, bowed low before them, sought their blessings and then went around them three times. Naturally he won! This reflected his deep understanding of the Hindu belief that parents are the first and foremost universe for their children.

Moral: Be a thinker and then a doer, and you emerge a winner. Don’t let your apparent disadvantages overshadow the advantages you do enjoy! In this case, Ganesha’s odd physique and an insignificant steed were his constraints but he used his powers of logic and strategy to defeat his opponent

Celebrating Bappa with some intelligently designed fashion!

It’s the season for dressing well and enjoyment. Ganya would have it no other way! So send up a prayer of thanks for all the blessings we receive and plunge right into the party!

Sweet as a modak!

Yellow Muslin Printed Maxi Dress

Charmingly different, festive and oh-so-feminine! This dress will be a super hit wherever you wear it. Prepare for some serious attention.

Dress to Charm

Multi Muslin Printed Aline Maxi Dress

Elegant and simple but sophisticated and charming. Some dresses have it all and this is one of them. Don’t miss the super-trendy sleeves! 

Orange is the new Black!

Orange Cotton Printed Aline Embroidery Kurta

Bappa is supposed to like this colour best of all — a rich vermilion. It’s the colour of boldness, confidence and positive energy! Go on, win them over!

Grey Muslin Printed Maxi Dress

The colours of Fall, matched with a straight-silhouette that’s so graceful and simple. The small cuts on the sides offer enhanced mobility and a little peekaboo!

There’s nothing more pleasing than common sense and probably because it’s so rare! So use all you wit and wisdom, say a little prayer and may Bappa be with you!

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