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How to become a Head Turner!

There are the traditional difficult ways. Read all the fashion magazines possible. Beg fashionable friends for advice. Follow all your favorite stars on social media. Keep on trying out new trends and hoping they suit you. Pray!!!

But now there’s a classier way – Meet Fashion in an avatar that you can relate to. Browse through our all-new Summer Glam Collection for 2018, launched today. Stylish. Trendy. And eminently wearable. In body-flattering cuts and the most glamorous colors of the season. Choose fabrics and styles that highlight your best features: Your eyes, your figure, your long legs or your high-voltage smile. It’s your day! offers a whole new range of coordinated suits that are bound to make heads turn. If you prefer to do your own thing, you can choose from a vast range of chic separates that you can put together in an individual expression of your own personal style. Celebrate who you are. And where you’re going. Bon Voyage!

You, a modern young woman, could write your very own Fashion-Nama. With a little help from Libas.

Here’s some epic fashion advice:

1. When matching separates, match small prints with large prints. If both upper and bottom have large prints, it may look too overbearing.

2. Basic colors never go out of style. All wardrobes need an off-white, a beige, a black, a khaki green and a deep blue. These are your neutrals.

3. Plan your wardrobe with an overall perspective: Start with neutrals and then work your way up into niche shades such as Turquoise or Purple.

4. Your stoles should add the accent colors – bright pops of color that can keep changing as you change your stole.

5. Keep jewelry as yet another layer that adds color, texture, and shape. Just one accent piece should be good enough if it’s an especially dramatic one.

Above all, experiment, innovate and have fun! It’s you writing your very own ‘Fashion-Nama’, remember! Take pictures, share and get noticed. Enjoy!!!

Here are a few ensembles for you to try:

#SummerCooler Look by Libas:

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