How to dress for an interview — Part 1

Dressing for success, looking right for an entry level role

Job interviews can be tricky things. You’ve got to be confident without appearing arrogant, bold without being too bold, friendly without being familiar and somehow, you just have to leave a favorable impression. Sounds tough?

Well, we can definitely help you crack one part of it and that’s how to dress! Looking good makes all of us feel good so that will certainly set the right tone.

So what should you wear?

It all depends on what kind of profile you are looking to fit into. If it’s a creative role that you seek, being adventurous and avant-garde in dress is perfectly acceptable, probably desirable! On the other hand, if you’re dressing up for a managerial job, it might make more sense to be seen as someone who can rise above personal preferences and opinions and handle a team. Ok, we’re kidding, dressing up is also partly an expression of who we are, so the last thing you would want to do is try to be someone you’re not. But all said and done, cracking a job interview, especially at the entry level, is about convincing a potential employer about being capable of handling a role you haven’t yet actually handled. So you do need to assure an employer that you do know what you are getting into!

Looking at joining as an intern?

Interns need to be seen as reliable and dependable and above all else, enthusiastic. Wearing an outfit that’s simple and won’t get in the way of your job is important. Just an example, if you’re in a social enterprise and looking at working in rural areas, it might help to dress conservatively, so villagers feel more comfortable with you. Yes, dressing professionally is also to make your team and those you work with feel easy with you — it’s not always about what you prefer. On the other hand, if it’s an urban job in city setting, your dress could be as sophisticated as corporate culture permits.

Here are some ensembles that could fit the bill!

Green Rayon Printed Straight Kurta with Rayon Printed Flared Trouser

Capable, competent, able to handle crises and last-minutes, this outfit spells chic level-headedness.

Blue Rayon Checks Straight Kurta with Both Side Pockets

Checks are so sophisticated yet simple. No clutter, no fuss and yet a sense of style and elegance. 

Green Cotton Solid Straight Kurta with One Side Pocket

Can plains ever go wrong. Ideal for mix and match and maximising budgets, this cheerful yellow adds a sunny touch to all situations. 

Green Cotton Solid Palazzo with Pom Pom Lace

Dress up a notch if it’s a profile that demands you to do so, hospitality, for example. Handling customers is also a role where you need to look well put together to manage a sometimes harried patron. 

Red Rayon Checks Straight Kurta with Both Side Pockets

Red checks gives you enough chutzpah to take on the world. And teamed with denims, it’s an unassailable combination! Wear it with pride!

Simple yet chic, this assemblage of stripes looks extremely fetching and yet manages to convey a professional tone. teamed with white, it is quietly assertive and confident.

We’ll continue these series and keep featuring different sectors, different profiles and different levels of roles that you need to dress for. We hope this small reservoir of tips will help you when you’re trying to decide on how to look right at work. Wishing you all the very best in every interview you’ll take in your professional journey!

To be Continued…

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