Love yourself… The rest will follow!

5 ways to be kind to yourself…

It’s amazing how busy we all are. Time is perhaps the one resource that dictates all that we do or do not do. It’s not about money, honey, now it’s truly about time. And in the hurly-burly, what invariably suffers is the time we are able to carve out for ourselves. For doing the things we love. For doing the things that keep us healthy and energized. For meeting the people we love and who care for us.

Why do we need to love ourselves more than we love our neighbors? For starters, it’s biological. All human beings are born with the instinct to survive and proliferate. Besides, don’t they say everything begins at home!! So to love others, start with a bit of self-love! It’s the first step on the road to health and happiness.


Easy-peasy! Do the things that nurture and nourish your self-esteem, boost your production of happy hormones, keep you energized and on the go. Here are a few ideas that work!

1. Make time for a physical activity…

Physical activity is what keeps your muscle mass intact, keeps your bones dense and keeps your heart and lungs pumping away. There’s just no getting away from it. Practices such as yoga allow you to use your own body weight to work out and stretch your body to relax your muscles. Choose your yoga trainer wisely. Only push your body as much as you can without any pain. Yoga is slow, deliberate and in sync with breathing. Pain is never a good indication, no matter what anybody might say. Breathe deep! 

2. Pamper yourself with good food!

 Good food is fresh, seasonal and chemical-free food that’s so good for you. Just by the way, it can taste delicious too! From smoothies, slushes, salads in a jar and yum porridge made of ancient grains, you can toss up delish recipes on the fly. Yes, it is really is that easy. Just Google to find out!

3. Sharpen your brain!

From solving Sudoku puzzles to learning a new skill or learning a new language, the ways to keep your brain at its best are many. Learn your favorite poem by heart. Keep in touch with those forgotten multiplication tables. They’ll come in useful whether it’s in running your business or racking up points on your credit card, via shopping! Chess champ Garry Kasparov learned a new language every eighteen months. As a brain exercise. Use it or lose it! Read the many best sellers that tell you about how to exercise your brain and increase its fitness levels. 

4. Don’t ever miss your beauty sleep.

Ah!!!! Easily our favorite… do nothing to achieve something! Sleep is absolutely essential for the brain. No sleep is an actually a form of torture that is banned by UN convention. Cutting down on sleep over a period of time can play havoc with your system. Sleep is what your brain and the rest of your body needs each night — to repair and recover from the stress of each day. Eight hours a day is what is recommended! ZZZZZZZZ your way to happiness and equilibrium! Way to go, girl!

5. Dress to keep your body happy!

The clothes you wear should be made of good quality fabric, be cut so that they flatter without being uncomfortable. Choose weather-appropriate fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton is a great choice for summers. Libas apparel is designed to keep your body smiling during summers. Cheers!!!

Here are some great HappyWear options from Libas:

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