Made for Bridesmaids, and weddings…

Follow the latest fashion trends and get coordinated outfits for your bridesmaids and friends!

Bridesmaids are in! And when they’re dressed to match the bride, they look oh-so-amazing! The trend’s caught on big time and now everyone’s doing it. The Ambanis, the Piramals, the Bhavnanis, the Padukones, the Jonases, the Chopras, you name it. So what’s the inside story? Why are so many celebrities following this trend so devotedly?

The reasons are many, and all of them are fun ones.

1. It’s fun to be coordinated

When you put in so much effort into planning a wedding and creating a theme around which the decor revolves, it only makes sense to put in some thought into how the main characters are going to look, together. Remember, your bridesmaids and mother and siblings are the main players for that day. These are the people who have your back, from carrying your SOS arsenal of makeup to sneaking you that drink when you need it most! Isn’t it wonderful if you all look good together! Your bridesmaids are going to be in many of the photographs and if they look good, your wedding album is going to be a thing of envy!

Image from @grewalsasha

2. The pix look so much more glamorous!

Ultimately, it’s all in the photographs! For all those who weren’t invited or those who couldn’t make it, there’s only one answer — clicks and pix! Each ceremony and occasion has favourite spots created especially for the trigger-happy and don’t forget everyone nowadays, is an ace photographer! From flashing the latest iPhones to Pixels and the latest androids, everyone, today, is an official memory-keeper. So, coordinated bridesmaid outfits fetch you great looking pictures, for posterity!

Image from @grewalsasha

3. It creates sure shot social media envy!

If it wasn’t on social media, did it even happen? That’s the power of Instagram and Facebook for you. The real thing is passé, it’s the images that count. Especially the images that are shared over and over and which garner the most likes! After all, they are what last forever, right? Memories are bound to fade but the glossies will be there for all time to come!

Image from @sabyasachiofficial

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