Mera Bharat Mahaan!

MahaKumbh Mela as
seen from space!

The world’s largest religious gathering, Kumbh Mela, was captured from space by India’s high resolution earth imaging satellite CartoSat-2. The images were captured on Wednesday and released today by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The black and white images from the satellite clearly show the Sangam, the confluence of three holy rivers: the Ganga, the Yamuna and a mythical third river, the Saraswati.

Our very own
Floating post office!

Photograph courtesy: Mike Prince/Creative Commons

The floating post office was inaugurated in August 2011 and has been attracting tourists from all over. A tribute to the beautiful Dal Lake, it is housed in a huge houseboat and includes a philately museum as well as a shop that sells postage stamps.

Water on the Moon was discovered
by India!

In September 2009, India’s very own Chandrayaan -1 detected water on the Moon for the very first time, using its Moon Mineralogy Mapper. Here’s a look at what they saw. A proud moment for all Indians.

Libas celebrates India through Khadi!


Peacock green, as turquoise is often referred to in India, is paired with charcoal and khaki to make for an arresting, sylvan ensemble that is both sophisticated and patriotic!


Checks and an ikat-inspired print come together to complement each other in the best manner possible. Confident and bright!

Ambi ka

The Ambi or Paisley originated in India… here’s a tribute to this most beloved and feminine of Indian motifs found everywhere from architecture to fabrics to metalwork.

DesiMade in

A mosaic print that beautifully matches loose pants in a small, elegant print. Quintessential Indian colours: Rust, beige, orange, red and yellow accented by black make for an arresting combination.

Poetry in

Sheer poetry in black and white. Fashionable yet Indian at heart! A classic tribute to all things Indian.

Sheer poetry in black and white. Fashionable yet Indian at heart! A classic tribute to all things Indian.

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