S for September, S for Sapphire

The birthstone of September is the Sapphire

The Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and prized stones in the story of gems! Available in many different colours, there is no doubt about blue being the colour we first think of when Sapphire is mentioned. The most legendary sapphires once came from Kashmir and even today, they are spoken of in hushed whispers among gemstone connoisseurs. 

The blue Sapphire stands for purity, nobility and protection from all that is base and unworthy. It’s intense blue is greatly valued and ‘Neelmani’ or the blue stone, is what we call it here in India. So lets celebrate this beautiful colour that is the favourite of the brightest and the best! 

Can we imagine a world without blue?

From the sky to the sea, blue is everywhere in nature. The most beautiful flowers: Irises, Geraniums, Lilies and Dahlias are blue. Blue is the colour of forget-me-nots and indigo. The most beautiful pottery in the world is blue — whether it’s the world-famous blue pottery from Jaipur, the Delft pottery from Netherlands or the blue and white of a Wedgewood tea set.

Blue eyes have poems written to them and blue blood is deemed the most pure and hence royal! From fact to fantasy, blue is the stuff of legends. This post is dedicated to blue in all its beguiling shades. So how does Libas eulogise blue? Enjoy!

Blue is Bewitching!

Navy Blue Cotton Solid Palazzo With Pom Pom Lace

Sophisticated and sexy, these midnight blue palazzos can be paired with a cropped top and glittering heels to create a lasting impression! As they say, a pretty picture is worth a thousand words.

Blue is Bellissima!

Blue Rayon Block Print Sharara

Gold and blue can never go out of style! This elegant and amazingly pale gold and deep blue combination is smart and subtle, all at the same time. Wear it to a party or to a presentation, you’ll wow them all. 

Blue is Beautiful!

Blue Crepe Solid Straight Kurta With Cotton Printed Palazzo

Simple and chic in blue! This ensemble in blue makes our bella signorina stand out. Don’t miss the flirtatious detailing on the oh-so-stylish sleeves! 

Blue is Becoming!

Blue Cotton Printed Straight Kurta with Cotton Printed Palazzo And Cotton Printed Dupatta

Blue can be demure and charming, as much as it can be bold and brassy. This sweet and pretty blue printed outfit is a classic. Wear it to the bank or to the boulevard, you’ll look dazzlingly feminine! Just don’t forget to flutter those lashes! 

Blue is Bedazzling!

Blue Crepe Solid Pathani Kurta with Rayon Printed Palazzo

This midnight blue, straight silhouette flatters without fuss. It’s quiet, subtle and simply charming. Wear it to work or to a morning out, you’ll be noticed. 

Blue is Beyond Compare!

Blue Rayon Block Print Anarkali Kurta 

Blue is a colour that charms and draws our attention. This graceful Anarkali kurta falls in softly folds that add a softness to the silhouette. Bella in blue!

Wear blue all of this month and be in the centre of attention! A very Happy September to you!

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