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Say it with flowers…

The language of flowers is a beautiful way to express your feelings!

We all gift flowers to friends and loved ones. We love receiving flowers from friends and loved ones but do you all know that there is a secret language of flowers that the Victorians would commonly use to say what words often couldn’t? Yes, we all know that red roses say “I love you” but did you know that white roses convey “unity”? There’s more!

Floriography, the art of saying it with flowers

Floral Messages — here’s what some commonly used flowers and leaves convey!

  • Peonies (bashfulness)
  • Fern fronds (fascination)
  • Ivy (friendship)
  • Mint (warmth of feeling)
  • White carnations (admiration)
  • Yellow roses (highest achievement)
  • Calla lilies (elegance)
  • Fennel (praise)
  • Ivy (ambition)
  • Purple basil (best wishes)
  • Zinnias (thoughts of an absent friend)
  • Blue salvia (thinking of you)
  • Green hydrangea (remembrance)
  • Orange spray roses (love)

Even royals and celebrities use this ancient language to communicate what cannot be said! Read how Princess Kate did just this!

The Princess’ Bouquet!

“Kate Middleton picks flowers with special meanings for royal wedding celebrations,” said newspaper headlines.

Kate’s bouquet was designed by royal florist Shane Connolly in the all-white royal tradition. The “flower sentiments” of the bouquet were: Lily-of-the-valley — the return of happiness; Sweet William — gallantry; Hyacinth — constancy of love; Ivy — fidelity, marriage, wedded love & friendship; Myrtle: an emblem of marriage & love. Kate’s stem of Myrtle in her bouquet came from the plant started from a sprig of Myrtle from a nosegay given Queen Victoria by Prince Albert’s grandmother.

A Spray of flowers!

Cheerful and charming bunches of florals that say you’re in a good mood!

Pocketfuls of Posies!

Princess Daisy is here, scream the flowers. Mellow sunshine and bountiful blossoms!

Can a nosegay say “I Love You!”

Red roses are for love — deep, passionate, dramatic, hot-blooded and enduring feelings.

Bouquets are for lovers!

Mix and match your florals to give a hint of what’s bubbling within. Wear a scent to match.

Bright and cheerful flower bunches!

A serene blue sky that showcases blooms of many hues and colours. Don’t let him see anything but the love!

Softly and silently whisper the flowers!

Subtle tints that speak volumes. Intimate and gentle, these beautiful messengers speak straight to the heart!

Flowers mean a great deal more than we know. Rediscover the language of blossoms and let your beloved in on this little secret — then you can keep talking in the middle of a crowd without anyone catching on! Have fun!

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