Springtime Skincare Tips

is key

The warmer weather calls for more hydration, and that means making sure you’re getting your eight glasses of water in a day. Other beverages such as tea, coffee and eating hydrating fruits also contributes to your daily fluid intake, making sure you avoid looking dry and chapped.

Our fruit infused water recipe makes it enjoyable to get your fluids in for the day.


Exfoliation is an essential part of every beauty routine, no matter your skin type. If you enjoy physical scrubs with granules (and your skin can tolerate it) then a bead containing scrub once or twice a week is perfect for you. For more sensitive or acne prone skin types, a chemical exfoliator containing AHAs or BHAs will gently remove the outer layer of dead skin and reveal fresh glowing skin underneath.

Our do-it-yourself sugar scrub is an easy formula you can make in the comfort of your kitchen.


Moisturising is key to happy and healthy skin. We suggest choosing a hydrating toner and layering on a repairing vitamin C serum afterwards. If you’re still feeling dry, apply a lotion or cream suitable for your skin type every morning and evening.

Make your very own face toner at home with this easy DIY formula.

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