The Day of the Republic …

Ms. Khadi

What’s a national sense of identity without khadi, the fabric that started it all off? Smart, demure and clearly a fashion statement that’s completely Indian, khadi says it all. You can face a flag hoisting with complete pride!

Ms. Jhumkas
and Odhnis

Nothing quite spells India as a block print style dupatta with hoop style earrings with jhumkas!

Ms. Indian
Nari reinvented!

While chandelier earrings and skirts have been in vogue forever, note how the silhouettes have changed. Ms. Indian Nari today has an international look and feel to her outfit, even though she may have borrowed it from the Banjaras of yore!

Ms. Traditional,
smart and sweet!

Ms. Indian Nari is no more the docile, suffering creature of yesterday’s Bollywood lore. She’s smart, sweet and very much her own self. From being home-maker to becoming a pilot, leading the world of banking, being at the helm of the business and state affairs, she’s going places.

Ms. Naya Bharat,
chic and svelte

We don’t need no ‘mis-education’, says the young Indian woman of today. Bold, confident and self-assured, she’s able to make a dent wherever she chooses!

Happy Republic Day to you all! Stay proudly Indian, buy Indian and wear Indian! Jai Hind!

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