The joy of a Mix ‘n’ Match wardrobe

Allow Mix and Match to maximise your wardrobe…

Allow Mix and Match to maximise your wardrobe…

There are those little secrets that only designers know. The fun of planning a wardrobe in such a way that the sum of its parts are greater than the whole. Let’s introduce you to Ms. Mix and Mr. Match. Since times long gone, smart women have been ensuring that they have at least a few pieces that can be worn with other pieces to create a totally new look! The result: Hey presto, more fashion for each buck you spend!

Plains are anything but plain!

You need to have some solid coloured pieces in your wardrobe. Black, ivory and a navy kurti can go with almost any kind of trousers and palazzos… keep teaming them with different pants to keep creating a new look, each time!

The same idea works with plain pants too! Just mix them up and flaunt a new look each time.

The checks provide the balances!

Geometricals are in. But that doesn’t mean you need to look like a theorem. Mix and match carefully to create just that little bit of surprise. Too much of it and you’ll get raised eyebrows, not peeks of admiration.

Match geometry with garden prints or solids or even abstract patterns. Look them in the eye, smile and swirl on! Leave them gaping.

These stripes need to be chosen, not earned!

If you’re tall and slender go for the horizontal stripes —you can carry them off. If you’re a little plump, try the thin vertical stripes to give an illusion of height. Either ways, stripes can be elegant and can be certainly teamed with not just solids but also with florals or checks to offer a bold and original fashion statement. The thumb rule is that both top and bottom can’t be bold and attention-grabbing; choose for one that’s subdued and let the other be dominant, visually speaking.

An eyeful of prints

Prints are such a delightful addition to any wardrobe. They add colour, whimsy and an element of personality. A print on print combination works too but one small and the other larger is the way to go. Or even two small prints can work well together.

Prints work well with checks and stripes but go for quieter combinations so that the overall look is subtle rather than busy or cluttered. Prints and solids of course work very well together. Sometimes, a solid can be drawn from the print colours and sometimes it can be an opposite. You do know that opposites attract, right?


Choose your accessories to add a further dimension to your Mix and Match sets. They are great for accents and focused bursts of colour, regardless of the combinations you choose.

From a necklace or statement earrings to a deftly knotted stole, to a bag or shoes, each piece you add should take your look a bit further. It’s called layering. Remember, even an umbrella can be a great accessory!

What are the other factors you need to keep in mind?
The season…

Choose appropriately for the season. An Indian summer would work better with a palette of cooler colours. Winter is when you can brighten up the skyline and burst into bloom! Monsoons definitely need a bright and cheerful accent to counter the gloom or incessant rain.

The colours that suit you…

This can never be said too often. Look at your skin tone and choose accordingly. Yellows can make skin look sallow and baby pinks don’t always suit the prettiest of us.


The occasion…

Office wear demands a certain formality in appearance and presentation, whereas casual meetings and evenings out need a look that can push the envelope further. Go for bold and vibrant colours for eveningwear and subtle colours and combinations for the office.

To tuck or not to tuck?

Personal preferences count for a lot here. Slimmer silhouettes typically can carry off tucking better. But it’s really your confidence and the precise cut of a top or kurti that decides whether you should leave it flowing out or neatly tucked in.

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