The roomie life…

6 tips to make a success of being a roomie

As more and more young women come out of the confines of small towns to work in large cities and multinational companies, there’s a proliferation of the ‘roomie’ culture. Young women are sharing rooms and along with living space, they are also sharing dreams, problems, status updates, meals, and wardrobes.


So how can you make the best of sharing your life with your roomies. What should you share? What shouldn’t you share? Are there any rules?


We spoke to some young women and got their take on what to do and what not to do…. so here they are — the first edition of ‘Roomie Rules!’


1. Room with people you know

If you have a friend or the friend of a friend or the cousin of a schoolmate, that’s ideal. However, sometimes, that’s just not possible. You may have to room up with strangers. And that’s where our ‘Roomie Rules come in real handy. It’s a sort of Google maps to rooming. Which route to take and which to stay clear of!

2. Share your everyday


What are roomies for if you can’t share midnight hunger pangs, a lousy work day or stomach cramps because it’s your period. Borrowing a tampon, or that linen stole that’s so stylish everyone loves it, or a pair of pumps is fine. Digging into each other’s Maggi and sharing the ketchup is a must! Watching Netflix together and holding hands during that scary horror movie is something only roomies can be depended on for!

3. Have each other’s back


While you don’t want to live out of each other’s pockets, going on group dates together so that each keeps an eye out for the other can prove very helpful, at times. Shares Nat Chauhan, a young software professional, “We were out on a group date when I thought I saw one of the guys, who had joined us for the first time, slip something into my roomie’s drink. I immediately ordered an Ola and brought her home right away. Not before I told off my friend, whose invitee the other guy was.” Nat’s quick thinking kept her roomie safe. Now that’s when having a roomie who’s got your back can be invaluable.

Another great safety tip: tagging each other when taking an Uber back from work, late at night and sharing the route. Further paranoid tip: make sure the Uber driver knows you have a friend who has his name and car number.

4. Keep your end of the bargain


If you’re supposed to pay your share of the rent by the 5th of each month, be particular about it. It’s best to be scrupulous about money. Goes a long way in keeping roomies together. If it’s your turn to cook or your turn to clean the loo, you just have to buck up and do it or else do an exchange if your roomie is willing. But only if she is willing. If you have a no-smoking in the room pact, you just have to maintain it. Besides, it’s healthier for you too!


5. Be considerate


‘Treat others as you want to be treated,’ pretty much covers most situations. Don’t play loud rap if your roomie hates rap. There are such things as headphones.

Talking long and loud on the cell phone when she’s working on a presentation or watching a movie — a total no-no. Just plain rude, we call it. Concurs Rashida Haque, “My former roomie and I split up because of her habit of conducting loud and long conversations on her cell. I just couldn’t take the noise pollution after some time…. and she just refused to get it.”

Courtesy can be the bond that keeps you and your roomies together. It’s really these little things that sometimes can prove so irritating.


6. DON’T….


There are some huge don’ts say our young ladies. Shying away from doing the following will keep you out of conflict areas and potential war zones and help the roomie relationship last longer without too much angst or woe. Read on to find out:


6.1 Don’t share your cribs about your boss, sizzling gossip from work or your device passwords. It’s a small world and these things get around. And as for cyber security, just be cautious.


6.2 Don’t loan money unless it’s small sums that you can do without.


6.3 Don’t borrow your roomie’s things unless you’ve asked them. No spritzing on her perfume or using her clothes out of the presswallah’s stack. No using her lipstick or her face powder. Apart from being unhygienic, it’s bound to create problems in the long term. No one wants their favourite tank top missing the evening they want to wear it!


6.4 Don’t eye your roomie’s boyfriend. Nothing can accelerate your roomie relationship into going south faster than this. It’s from a sistah’s absolute No-No code. And if you witness him cheating on her, think twice before you share. Says Divya Chowdhary, “Better if she finds out on her own. You’re doomed if you’re wrong and you’re doomed if you’re right! Best to zip it!”


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