Three tasty drinks to give you a natural glow!

A post-Diwali detox is what your body needs right now!

After umpteen festival banquets and nights out, it’s time for some healing self-love! Try these wonderful drinks for a cleansing of your system and to experience a new energy coursing through your body!

Petha Juice for a cool inner system!

White Petha is one of Ayurveda’s hero vegetables. Also called chakla in some parts of the country, it’s supposed to be the most alkaline vegetable and hence very healthy.

Take a piece of Petha ( organic, chemical-free is best) and blend it in the mixie with a dash of ginger, pink salt and pepper. Top up with a dash of lemon. Tastes yum and does good, too. Supposed to be had each morning on an empty stomach.

Turmeric is one of my favourite things!

Curcumin in turmeric is the anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant that makes turmeric such a wonderful herb to have daily!

Try blending fresh turmeric with a small piece of ginger. Add pink salt, pepper and a half lemon. Enjoy! Also to be had the first thing every morning.

Green Smoothie with Amla and ginger!

Any green such as spinach or amaranth works with this one. Take the leaves and tender stems; blend with amla, ginger, tulsi leaves, mint leaves, pepper and pink salt. If carrots are in season, you can add a few pieces for taste.

Shades that will put the glow right back on your face!

There are certain shades that complement all Indian skin tones and they are a no-brainer when it comes to dressing up! The bright pinks, earthy oranges and reds, full-bodied mustards and ochres are all colours that enhance the natural beauty of our complexions. So as you go about putting back the glow on your face with the fabulous skin foods mentioned above, you can further help accentuate that glow with some clever colour choices!

Red Drama!

Siren red can just never go out of fashion! It’s the epitome of bold and confident styling and a hue that always shows off any Indian skin to look its best! Walk with your head held high!

Orange Highlight!

This is a shade that will instantly pep up your skin tone and give it a marvellous shine. Orange and tangerine are colours that always show off our skins to their best advantage. Just add a high voltage smile! 

Fuchsia Forever!

This brilliant colour can never go wrong with Indian skins or costumes! Its magnetic beauty works fabulously with any shape, size, combination or design. Simply alluring! 

Pink Serenade!

Pink is another wonderful colour that can make your skin look youthful and alive. Duskier pinks are always a great shade to wear. Enhance your skin’s innate glow with a pink to match. Now flutter your lashes and walk tall!

Colours are what bring life into our wardrobe. So choose your shades with care and look like the head turner you’re meant to be!

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