Yeh ‘Shaam’ mastaani…

The all-new Shaam collection from Libas celebrates evening wear with its vibrance, allure and magical shimmer!

When the sun begins to hide and the moon starts to come out to play, that’s when ‘Shaam’ really comes into its own. Shaam is an Urdu word that means evening, that magical hour of the day when it’s neither day nor night but a period of sweet transition. Shaam stands for romance, glamour, and poetry.

For centuries, ‘Shaam’ has signified romance and poetry

The ‘Shaam’ collection from Libas is a festive collection of vibrant evening wear ensembles that add a dash of glamour to any occasion. Choose from a selection of carefully curated shades, fine embroidery, brocade and prints, and sensual fabrics, each meant to echo the spirit of the evening and all the beautiful images that the word sound ‘Shaam’ conjures.


Here, we present some fabulous evening wear, meant to add a starry buzz to your festive, glamour-filled evenings.

1. Inspired By Chanderi

Subtle shades, sheer fabrics, and shimmering brocade motifs are what mark the Chanderi style. Grace and elegance are the hallmarks of this look — it brings back images of royal queens and princesses dressed in tantalizing, gossamer-like weaves that shimmered and shook as they moved in the lamplight of the evening. Sheer and graceful is the mood that Chanderi creates, and these extremely feminine ensembles are the very stuff that made up the ethereal look that poets celebrated, an ode to romance and beauty.

2. The Sheer Beauty of Net and Georgette

Like clouds floating on a breeze, both net and georgette create soft and ultra-feminine silhouettes that add charm and enchantment to the wearer, transforming the simplest ensembles into wafting auras of grace and glamour.
Choose from these specially curated collections of embellished evening wear, meant to infuse style and panache into any occasion you wear it to.

Let the ‘Shaam’ collection from Libas create memories of the enchantment of dusk and lamplight, fuelled by the mysteries of the night, the radiance of the moon and the stars. The laughter of friends, the tinkling of distant bells and the fragrant night jasmine spreading allure on the breeze, add yet another set of unforgettable moments that linger forever.

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