You splash colour over the clouds!

Leave it to the raindrops to scatter rain….

No dull greys this monsoon! Spread joy and cheerful vibes through colour! Colour your home bright. Set ‘fire’ in the office. And paint your part of town red!

1. Wall up!

Lime green is such a pleasant shade to live with. Add a few plants and you’re on the way to transforming your old room into a cheery new one!

Stun them by colouring just one wall a vibrant shade. One cheerful wall is all it takes to create a focus for the entire space. Painting a wall can be actually quite easy! Choose a shade of your very own creation — computers make shade creation extremely easy these days.

Get some sheets of emory paper for scraping the walls to create a surface for paint… some long-handled sponge rollers to roll on the paint, and finally a few cans of the cheerful shade you just created — one that goes with your existing walls and your furniture. Don’t forget some turpentine, a few rags to clean up…and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

2. Get a set of neon coloured coffee mugs

The simplest and least expensive way to brighten up your spaces is to acquire vibrantly coloured accessories such as coffee mugs and cushions!

Loud, rambunctious-coloured mugs and hey!…your regular instant coffee might just start tasting different! Your local potter would probably have a large variety of solid coloured mugs. Watch them brighten up the most grey rainy day that the weather can think up! 

3. Change your lipstick colour!

Add a shot of neon raspberry to your face and to your mood! Smile!

 Did you know that lipstick sales go up during an economic crisis especially when the economy is depressed? It’s the easiest and least expensive way to add a dash of colour to your look. And bring a smile to your face. Women all over the world know that!

4. Try a pair of jazzy-coloured sneakers!

You can even paint on some glitter if you like!

 Put your most colourful foot forward. Shine a scintillating beam of colour on a dark grey, concrete road, made even darker because it’s wet. Let your feet do all the talking. Let them get noticed! While you smile and take all the compliments that come your way. Take a bow in your skirts and sneakers. Say “Cheese!”

Get a new Libas outfit in bold and beautiful colours!

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