Traditional Indian Silhouette: The Angrakha


The summer piece of garment is elegant yet stylish. The lower part of a classic Angrakha is like a wrap-around skirt and the upper part has a flap in front which would be in left or the right direction.

Have a relaxed day in this green breezy Angrakha dress from our Ajrakh collection. Crafted using premium quality cotton block print fabric, for a soft and luxurious touch against your skin. Designed with a stitched flap for everyday ease. The flattering v-neckline is detailed with a contrasting print trim, a little accent to lift your everyday ensembles.


Angrakha styles with fuller skirts gathered at the waist were popular during the Mughal period of India. They remained in fashion, as a preferred form of clothing by both noblemen and royalty alike- irrespective of their religion.

The dainty appeal of breezy Angrakhas is undeniable. Above is our white Angrakha suit set from our Monochrome collection. Crafted in roomy cuts with delicate gathers, modest neckline and comfortable sleeves. Featuring delicate motifs and contrasting accents. Great for daily wear.


As a court outfit, the Angrakha offered great ease and flexibility, making it suitable to be worn in the different climates of the Indian subcontinent. This loose upper garment features front overlaps that wrap around the body, tied with knots or buttons. The fastening or the 'dori' is crafted in the same cloth.

At Libas our Angrakha styles are crafted in breathable fabrics, layered in dynamic prints and vivid hues. This peach Angrakha from our Leher collection is accented with a trim dori, detailed with handmade tassels.

Explore our roundup of this classic summer staple here.

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