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      Cotton Sarees

      Cotton sarees for women are among the most traditional sets of outfits for Indian women. However, the latest cotton saree collection on Libas comes in a lot of styles, patterns, fabrics, and colours. Women's cotton sarees in pastel, white, and other subtle colour palettes work well as everyday wear sarees, while you can buy cotton sarees online in bold colours like black, maroon, navy blue, emerald and more and heavily embellished patterns from the official Libas website to look breathtaking at the next wedding celebration that you attend. All you need is your favourite statement jewellery and a pair of trendy heels or flats to style your saree right.You can now buy cotton sarees online via Libas and look glamorous every day. Further, cotton saree’s online shopping is extremely convenient for discounted prices on Libas. Check out the best cotton sarees and cotton kurta set styles in India as you browse through the collection by Libas and choose the best one for you.

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      Cotton Sarees: The Epitome of Elegance and Comfort

      The tradition of draping cotton sarees can be traced back to time immemorial. This distinct drape, originating from the Indian subcontinent, still has the hearts of many modern women. In addition, cotton holds the supreme position over sarees crafted from other materials.

      The Indian subcontinent was the first to cultivate and weave cotton—one of the most breathable and lightweight fabrics. Moreover, the fabric’s ability to absorb dyes and retain pigments makes it a prominent choice for women’s drapes and men’s dhotis. So it’s no surprise that after all this time, the fabric is still appreciated for its organic texture and comfortable feel.

      Libas brings you an expansive selection of  cotton sarees for women, which are the perfect amalgamation of traditional ethnicity and modern design. From bright and bold prints to intricately woven designed sarees, the assortment will leave you spoilt for choice. So revel in the unmatched grace of cotton sarees online and shop for your favourite soft pure cotton sarees on Libas.

      An Eclectic Collection of Printed Cotton Sarees

      Several visual details play into the appeal of cotton sarees for women. However, one of the biggest highlights remains the prints, adding an element of intrigue to the timeless ethnic style. This design detail alone can instantly elevate the overall look of the saree and add joy to your mood. Listed below are the types of prints you can search for when browsing for cotton sarees on Libas.

      Floral: Florals are an evergreen design element that has been a part of various cultural clothing, including the traditional cotton saree. While many would agree that florals are meant for the Spring season, that’s not completely true. In modern times, florals are treated in a more free-spirited way, allowing you the freedom to experiment with both light and dark colours all year round. Florals also symbolise beauty and freshness, and the summer party wear sarees featured on Libas display different colours and muted hues to match the unique moods of every woman.

      Geometric: These prints, exuding an unbelievably pleasing aura, are sure to set you apart in the crowd. Geometric patterns are associated with various sentimental and religious beliefs, making them a much desirable design choice in Indian ethnic attire. The designs curated by Libas feature triangles, circles and stars in a variety of vibrant as well as neutral colours.

      Paisley: You can never go wrong with Paisley prints on a cotton saree. These prints are often associated with royalty and the Victorian Era, dating back to European cultures and representing Celtic art. While the significance of the art form has diminished, several cultural clothing is still adorned with paisley motifs. The cotton sarees on Libas featuring these cheerful prints are both elegant and eye-catching.

      Guidelines to Style the Authentic Cotton Saree

      • The length of a saree provides ample scope for creativity and experimentation. So, if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to drape a cotton saree, we are here to help. Here is our quick cotton saree draping and style guide to ace your office or party look:
      • Just like Chiffon sarees, khadi cotton sarees create a fluffy silhouette and appear overwhelming to form crisp pleats. These are ideal to incorporate into your workwear wardrobe.
      • We understand how a lot of women have begun to gravitate towards minimalism. However, we recommend that you not hesitate to wear cotton sarees featuring vibrant weaves and colourful prints. The cotton saree collection at Libas will offer numerous choice to make your selection. Exceptionally lightweight, crafted in breathable fabric, the saree designs appear well balanced and simple.
      • To help define the waistline better, opt for peplum top blouses when styling a cotton saree. The flared fit brings attention to the empire line—the smallest part of the waist, making you appear taller and slimmer. Or you may also pair your cotton saree with noodle strap blouse or crop tops for a modern cotton saree look
      • To ensure that the grace of the saree is not overshadowed, it is recommended you go for monochromatic blouses.
      • Ensure that the length of the drape fully covers your footwear so that it does not take attention away from the saree.

      Shop Cotton Sarees for Women Online

      Libas is home to contemporary and traditional ethnic clothing, including sarees, suits, maxi dresses, among others. Each piece holds a deep-rooted cultural as well as functional purpose, making it all the more wearable. The platform also allows you to browse through an assortment of party wear cotton silk sareesAnarkali suits, ethnic dresses, and much more, all based on your colour and design preferences.

      Libas caters to women of all shapes and sizes, so you’d never hear Libas women complain about any of that. Whether you are a double extra-small or wear a 5 XL kurti, we believe beauty comes in all sizes. So get back to your cultural roots by donning beautiful cotton sarees from Libas, which come in a multitude of prints, patterns and hues that will leave you and your spectators speechless.



      Are cotton sarees suitable for all seasons?

      Yes, cotton sarees are suitable for all seasons with proper styling. In summer, characteristics of the fabric like breathability and light weight keep you cool. During monsoon, cotton sarees feel soft on skin. It’s quick-drying property makes it perfect to handle humidity and rain. For autumn and spring, heavier handloom cottons and vibrant colours look fabulous. In winter, women often opt for Chanderi sarees which are a blend of cotton and silk fabrics. Cotton sarees offer versatile comfort and can be adapted to various climates with the right styling.

      How do I care for my cotton saree?

      Cotton sarees can be hand washed gently at home with mild detergent in cold water. Avoid wringing to prevent fabric damage. Dry in the shade and avoid direct sunlight to preserve colour.

      Store your cotton sarees in a cool, dry place, preferably folded in a cotton or muslin cloth. Regularly refold to prevent creases.

      To remove stains, use spot cleaning methods. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach to maintain the saree's quality.

      What are the different types of cotton sarees available?

      Cotton sarees are the best choice for elevating your summer style statement. Their breathability, light weight, and comfort makes them a wardrobe staple for every woman who loves to dress up elegantly in a saree.

      The most popular types of cotton sarees include – Taant cotton sarees from the state of West Bengal, handspun and handwoven Khadi cotton sarees, Lightweight and airy  Kota Doria sarees, handloom Chanderi and Mangalgiri sarees, and Jamdani weave cotton sarees from the land of Dhaka.

      Can I wear cotton sarees for weddings?

      The cotton sarees for women are sheer and sophisticated in fashion when draped properly with the right accessories. Not only are these sarees classy and gorgeous but, also are very soft, light, and exceptionally comfortable. Cotton sarees with mirror work, intricately woven patterns, zari work embellishments look ravishing when worn for weddings.

      Party wear cotton silk sarees in monotonous shades offer a rich and sophisticated look when worn with a stylish blouse. To add further, oxidised and silver jewellery goes perfectly with a cotton saree. You can add a piece of necklace or wear jhumkas, throw on a couple of bangles or match a bracelet to complete that sassy look. Libas has a gorgeous and handcrafted cotton saree collection for women which you can style with your choice of accessories.

      Are cotton sarees comfortable to wear all day?

      Made from raw cotton plants collected from farms, cotton sarees are the best and most elegant Indian ethnic attire of every woman for generations. Small or grand, office or home, Libas has a pure cotton saree for women, for all occasions. Ideal for day-to-day wear, Libas’ women’s cotton saree is crafted with blended colours and unique patterns of block prints, hand-woven, and intricate pattu. Rich in texture and varied styles, the saree comes in various types of prints, including floral, geometric, ajrakh, and other designer patterns. Further, these sarees are suitable for wearing in any season. We all know cotton feels great during scorching summers. Go for subtle colour cotton sarees like pastel, off-white, peach, pink, and light shades of blue with the perfect touch of minimalist work on it like floral and polka and frills; for everyday fashion.

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