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      Durga Puja Sarees


       The elegance and grace of an Indian saree are unmatched. The 6-yard-long fabric wrapped around your body brings out the best in you. These sarees for women are especially great to wear when you plan to celebrate special occasions like wedding ceremonies and festivals. The 10-day-long festival of Durga Puja is one occasion when you flaunt your perfect Durga Puja sarees.

       Durga puja celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the asura Mahisasura. Therefore, they celebrate the victory of good over evil. Durga puja also partially honours the harvest festival in India by worshipping the goddess as the motherly energy at the heart of all life and creation. The festival coincides with the ultimate festival of the victory of good over evil on Dusshera. Pandals are set up all over the country, bhajans and aartis are chanted, men and women observe fast for all 9 days, and they dress up in the most colourful and vibrant outfits for the big celebration.

       Libas becomes a part of your grand celebration by offering the best deals and discounts on the prettiest Durga puja sarees for you to glam up on the puja days without burning holes in your pocket. Libas’ exclusive collection of Durga puja sarees has sarees made in different fabrics, colours, and styles for you to choose your favourite sarees for Durga puja and bring them home before they run out of stock.


      Libas has been working in the Indian fashion industry for more than 35 years. Over the years, along with understanding the needs of the customer, we have earned your valuable trust. Today, we stand tall and proud as one of the most trusted fashion brands in India. The latest industry trends are carefully studied before blending them into the needs of the Libas customer. The prettiest Durga puja sarees are made at affordable prices without compromising the quality of our fashion items. While these sarees are made in all the trending colours, the special red and white Durga Puja special saree by Libas makes your celebration fashionably special. Additionally, the trending prints and patterns like Gota Patti, mirror work, brocade, bandhani, etc. make the Libas’ Durga Puja sarees even more desirable. Celebrate the most joyous 10 days of the year by choosing a Durga Puja saree by Libas and save big while you shop with the special coupons and discount codes made especially for you.


      Celebrate the festival of joy, happiness, and light with the best of Libas' Durga puja sarees, lehengas, suits, and Durga puja dresses, available for you at minimal prices when you apply the Durga puja offers on the Libas website and mobile app. Every year, Libas comes up with special festive sales to become a part of your celebration. The carefully curated collection of Karwa Chauth suits has been trending in the upcoming Karwa Chauth sale. Free shipping and a 15-day return and exchange policy are applicable on orders when you buy your favourite Durga puja saree online. For more details about Libas products, feel free to drop an email at care@libas.in. You can also call or send us a WhatsApp text message to Libas’ customer support team at +919899990772 from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm (IST). 


       Which saree is best for Durga Puja?

      Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. This 10-day-long festival gives you 10 unique occasions to glam up and show up to celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasur. While a lot of women opt for beautiful red and white sarees on this special occasion, a range of Durga puja sarees are listed on the Libas website and mobile app in different colours and fabrics for you to create a new festive look every day.

      Why do we wear red and white sarees in Durga Puja?

      Women in India, especially in West Bengal, choose to wear a red and white saree for Durga puja, called the "Laal paar". The white colour in the saree symbolises purity, while the red one stands for fertility. This saree is considered auspicious on the occasion of Durga Puja. Shop your favourite Durga Puja sarees at minimal prices only on Libas.