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      Angrakha Suits

      Angrakha suits for women are an impeccable blend of traditional aesthetics, grace, and modern charm. An Angrakha suit design has a unique and statement yoke design with an overlapping front panel that is secured with ties or buttons. Angrakha suits primarily originated in the Indian subcontinent and became immensely popular because of their distinctive design. The modern day Angrakha style suit designs are available in a variety of silhouettes to flatter various body types. Also, our Angrakha suit set styles are enhanced with a variety of delicate embroidery, Gota Patti accents, sequins, mirror work, tassels, prints, patterns, cuts, and many other captivating adornments. Our Angrakha design suit designs are extremely comfortable, versatile, and functional while being absolutely fashionable. Shop from our range of suits and Angrakha Kurtas Online and revamp your casual as well as occasion wear wardrobe in minutes. Accessorise our Angrakha pattern suit with light silver jewellery, makeup, sling bags, and ethnic footwear to attain a statement look. For more festive styles, explore our range of wedding suits for women to take your pick.

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      Rediscover the Regal Grandeur of Angrakha Suits

      Angarakha suits trace back to the time of ancient India when this piece of clothing was primarily worn by men in the Mughal era. ‘Angrakha’ originates from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘body protector’. The uniqueness of this garment lies in its characteristic wrap-around style with overlapping panels secured by ties or buttons on the left side.
      Designed to be worn by the kings of the Mughal era, Angarakha suits gradually evolved into a symbol of royal fashion and were worn by the nobles and courtiers. 

      The Angrakha style suits were crafted from sumptuous fabrics like silk and adorned with intricate embroidery and gemstones, reflecting the opulence of the Mughal court. Over time, Angrakha suit design became part of traditional attire across various regions of India, adapted for both men and women.

      Evolution of the Angrakha Design Suit

      The Angrakha suit designs have undergone a notable evolution on the Indian fashion runway, blending traditional roots with modern influences. Initially, the Angrakha pattern suit, a staple in men's attire during the Mughal era, has now transformed into a versatile garment that is embraced by both men and women elegantly.

      On the modern runways, veteran and emerging fashion designers have reinterpreted the Angrakha designs for women, with innovative cuts, and embellishments while retaining its classic wrap-around style. They have experimented with various elements of the outfit; primarily the length, sleeve styles, and draping techniques to cater to diverse contemporary tastes. Traditional fabrics like silk, cotton and brocade are often complemented by contemporary materials such as chiffon or organza, reflecting a fusion of old and new.

      The Angrakha suit set's uniqueness lies in its ability to be styled for different occasions. Designers have created and showcased a version of this outfit which is ideal to be incorporated in every bride’s bridal collection.  The intricate embroidery and ornate detailing adorn the beautiful designer suit collection. On the other hand, we have also witnessed an earthy collection of suits for women woven in soft summer cotton. 

      These cotton Angrakha suits are the minimalist version, suitable for everyday fashion. The adaptability and timeless appeal of Angrakha style suits have continued to captivate the Indian fashion runway, evolving gracefully to reflect the current trends while maintaining its historical magnitude.

      Trending Angrakha Designer Suits for your Festive Wardrobe

      In recent times, fashion designers have interestingly infused modern design elements into this traditional silhouette that depicts royalty. Due to its timeless elegance and versatility, the Angrakha suits has never left the fashion circuit. Keeping intact its distinctive wrap-around style, this suit has seen enormous evolution. From being worn by kings as a royal garb to securing its position as a stunning festive wear piece, Angarkah pattern suits have also lured the audience on fashion runways as the gorgeous couture pieces.

      As per the recent trends, Angrakha suits are woven in different types of fabrics. From the timeless fabrics of silk, cotton and georgettes, today designers are also creating beautiful versions with asymmetric hemline, woven in sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton.

      In terms of embellishments, designers love to adorn these stunning pieces of timeless clothing with sequins, stonework, delicate lacework, aari embroidery, block prints, zari work and foil printing, making each piece suitable for both casual and formal occasions. In recent times, you may find Angrakha suits worn with not just the traditional churidar pants, but different versions of modern bottomwear like cigarette pants, trousers and palazzos.

      The Angrakha suit's resurgence highlights its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, appealing to a diverse range of fashion enthusiasts globally. With its flattering silhouette and cultural significance, it continues to captivate attention as a wardrobe staple for those seeking elegance and sophistication in their attire.

      Types of Angrakha Suits

      Angrakha suits come in various types characterized by its design, silhouette, and embellishments. Some common types of Angarkha suits are:

      • Traditional Angrakha Style Suit: This is the classic wrap-around style with overlapping panels that are tied or fastened at the side. It features intricate embroidery, and traditional prints, and is commonly worn in regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and parts of North India.
      • Angrakha Kurti: This is the shorter version of the traditional Angarkha suit. The Angrakha kurti is popular as casual or semi-formal wear. It retains the wrap-around style but is typically shorter in length, often paired with leggings, dhoti pants, jeans or palazzos.
      • Rajputi Angrakha Suit: Originating from the royal attire of Rajasthan, the Rajputi Angarkha is distinguished by its regal look, featuring rich fabrics, intricate embroidery, and often adorned with Bandhani prints, mirror worrk and beads.
      • Modern Angrakha: The innovative interpretations of the Angarkha suit blend traditional elements with modern fashion trends. They may feature minimalist designs, use of sustainable fabrics, or innovative cuts while retaining the essence of the classic wrap-around style.

      Shop Angarakha Suits Online from Libas Top of Form

      Angarakha style suits, characterised by their elegant crossover design, are now conveniently available online in a variety of fabrics. The latest designs of salwar suit sets available at Libas displays a beautiful blend of the traditional silhouettes blending seamlessly with some modern elements. Ideal for various occasions, these suits are crafted in different types of fabrics. 

      Whether you prefer the richness of silk, the comfort of cotton, the lustre of satin, or the fall off georgette and chiffon, there are options to suit everyone’s choice.

      Sitting from the comfort of your home, you can now shop for sarees, lehengas, kurta sets and suits for women online, allowing you to explore different designs, styles, textures, patterns, and colours. You can browse through a diverse range of Angarakha style suits in various fabrics, depending on the occasion. While silk Angarakha suits radiate luxury and are perfect for festive gatherings, on the other hand, cotton versions provide breathable comfort ideal for everyday fashion. Georgette Angarakha style party wear suits add a touch of sophistication, making them suitable for special occasions like weddings or parties.

      Frequently Asked Questions on Angrakha Suits

      1. Do you offer both traditional and contemporary styles of Angrakha suits?

      Yes, Libas offers a distinctive range of Angrakha suits that cater to both traditional and contemporary styles. Traditional Angrakha suit designs from Libas are woven in authentic fabrics like silk, cotton, or georgette, adorned with intricate embroidery or traditional prints such as block printing or Bandhani. These designs often stay true to the historical roots of the Angrakha, providing a timeless appeal that resonates with cultural aesthetics. Libas also offers contemporary styles of Angrakha suits that incorporate modern cuts, innovative draping techniques, and a fusion of prints and embellishments.

      2. What are the different types of Angarkha Suits?

      Classic Angarakha style suits, modern Angarakha suits, Rajputi Angarakha suits and short Angarakha kurti are the different types of pf Angarakha suits.

      Each type of Angarkha suit carries its own cultural significance and aesthetic appeal, making it a versatile choice for various occasions from weddings and celebrations to everyday wear.


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