Dhoti kurta set for ladies


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      Dhoti kurta set for ladies

      Dhoti Kurta Set for Ladies- A Fashionable Selection for Everyone

      Dhotis, which were originally restricted to men’s fashion, have now become popular apparel among women as well. Furthermore, Libas understands the ever-growing love associated with a dhoti kurta set for ladies and brings you an expansive selection that is sure to make heads turn in admiration.

      Libas’ assortment of dhoti kurta sets for women strikes the perfect balance between the traditional aspect of Indian culture and the modern style inspired by western trends. The best thing about these versatile pieces is that they can be effortlessly adorned to almost any traditional occasion. With that said, explore our alluring assemblage of dhoti kurta sets for ladies that reflect the artistic mastery of our team of designers. 

      Browse a Fascinating Assemblage of Dhoti Kurta Set for Ladies

      Our selection of dhoti pants with kurta is designed to perfectly cater the fashion requirements of the modern Indian woman. This ensures that regardless of your personal style, you are sure to find a dhoti kurta set that is perfect for you. Additionally, each set has been masterfully crafted from premium quality fabrics, ensuring you get the best of both style and comfort.

      1. Cotton Dhoti Kurta Set for Ladies

      One of the most popular choices for regular wear, cotton kurti sets are known for their lightweight and breathable material. Additionally, they also have the ability to wick moisture, making them a favourite to beat the heat. Even if you are someone who is prone to allergenic reactions, these dhoti kurta sets for ladies are ideal for you as they are hypoallergenic.

      2. Silk Dhoti Kurta Set for Ladies

      Think of special occasions and a silk kurta set is the first ethnic outfit that come to mind. These dhoti kurta sets for ladies give the wearer the perfect festive look, owing to their posh and luxurious appearance.

      Their majestic appearance coupled with the fabric quality make them a valuable addition to every wardrobe. Not only is silk known for its lustre, shine and strength, but also for its impressive warmth to thickness ratio. This ensures that even a thin silk fabric would keep you warm during the winters. Furthermore, silk fabric’s combination of natural properties and tight weaves makes it a highly insulating fabric.

      3. Shantoon Blend Dhoti Kurta Set for Ladies

      A popular type of silk-blend kurtas, shantoon ones are known for their lightweight feel that drapes elegantly. The origin of this fabric can be traced back to a coastal province of China called Shandong, where they were traditionally used to tailor bridal gowns. Known for their rough texture attributed to the irregular ridges called slubs, these dhoti kurta sets for ladies are relatively easier to identify.

      A Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Dhoti Kurta Set

      Choosing the perfect dhoti kurta set for ladies can seem tricky, because of the plethora of options available. And so, we have curated some basic tips to help you make a perfect choice:

    • Choose the Perfect Shade that Complements the Occasion
    • Since the colour of apparel plays such a crucial role in Indian culture, choosing an appropriate shade for the occasion is one of the most important aspects. Libas’ expansive selection boasts of a wide range of attractive hues and shades that are perfect for almost every occasion. Whether you are looking for a sober pink set for a brunch with ladies or a magnificent purple one for a festive occasion, we have something for everyone.

    • Pick an Appropriate Fabric
    • Another crucial thing you need to consider while shopping for kurta sets, especially in India, is their fabric. Hot summers call for light and breathable materials such as cotton which will take you through your day without any hassles. Likewise, winters require an insulating material that will keep you cosy and comfortable all throughout the day. At times like these, opting for silk or shantoon dhoti kurta sets for ladies is the ideal choice.

      Buy Dhoti Kurta Sets for Ladies on Libas

      Update your traditional wardrobe with a magical selection of women’s dhoti kurta sets from Libas. Our platform is the one-stop shop for all the latest fashion in women’s ethnic wear. From everyday kurtas to festive sharara sets for women, we have it all. If you are looking to spice up your traditional style game, adorning this stylish bottom wear for women in our signature styles is the ideal choice. Sign up to Libas’ website and update your wish list today!


    • Are Dhoti Kurta Set for Women in trend?
    • Yes, dhoti kurta sets for women are in trend, as a result of their incredibly diverse design that perfectly reflects traditional and modern elements. In fact, Libas’ collection features pieces that cater to the personal style of every modern woman.

    • What accessories can a women wear with Dhoti Kurti Set?
    • Adding complimenting accessories such as juttis, statement neckpieces and more with your dhoti kurta set from Libas is a great way of elevating your ensemble. You can also team this set with a smartwatch, tote bag and a pair of flats to give you the perfect Indo-western look.